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LabPro Troubleshooting and FAQs

LabPro, order code LABPRO
LabPro User Manual:

Product Overview
For a comparison of LabPro specs with other Vernier interfaces, see:
TIL 2011: Does LabQuest replace LabPro?
TIL 2186: What is the difference between the LabQuest Mini and the LabPro?

General Troubleshooting steps:

1. Make sure the interface has power. For trouble shooting purposes, remove the batteries from LabPro. A few seconds after connecting LabPro to AC power, it should make the "happy sound" to indicate that it has power and has passed a self-test.

Download the MP3, or WAV file.

If the LabPro does not make the "happy sound", see TIL 1191: LabPro gives unfamiliar beeps or does not make the "happy sound."

2. Check all of your cable connections. Make sure that one end of the cable is completely plugged in to the interface and the other end is all the way into the computer.

3. What version of Logger Pro are using? To find out, open the program and choose "About Logger Pro". The exact version number will be at the bottom of the window that opens. Many problems can be resolved by installing a free upgrade from our web site at:
If Logger Pro was installed via a push or image process from the school IT department, there is chance the software drivers are not installed correctly. See
     TIL 2098: Logger Pro can not connect to LabPro

4. If you have multiple computers and interfaces, with some of them are working and some are not, try methodically switching interfaces, cables, power supplies and computers to see if the problem is with a piece of the hardware. The best test to do is to take one of your completely working stations, and try swapping in a different interface, then a new connector cable, etc. If you can trace the problem to one of these pieces, we can probably repair or replace that part. It is not uncommon to have either a bad USB cable, or a LabPro with a damaged USB port. This is usually caused by students forcing a cable into the port upside-down. If this is the case, try wiggling the cable to see if the green LED ever comes on. If it works intermittently, please contact us to set up a repair.

Batteries and Power
TIL 701: What is the battery life for LabPro? When is LabPro Powered (On, Off)?
TIL 1123: My LabPro units wear down batteries quickly. What can I do to extend the battery life?
TIL 1098: What kind of batteries should I use with LabPro?
TIL 639: Can LabPro handle 220 V with the appropriate adapter?
TIL 1876: My IPS AC Adapter does not power my LabPro, WDSS, or Stir Station.

Care and Maintenance
TIL 674: How do I prevent my LabPro interfaces from being stolen?
TIL 745: Do you know of a good case for carrying LabQuests, LabPros, calculators, and/or sensors?
TIL 1517: How should I organize my Vernier equipment?

Updating the LabPro Operating System (OS)
TIL 1030: How do I update my LabPro/CBL2?
TIL 3732: How to restore LabPro firmware and update LabPro
TIL 1168: What do I do if the automatic LabPro OS update in Logger Pro 3 fails?
TIL 1191: LabPro gives unfamiliar beeps or does not make the "happy sound."
TIL 1963: Logger Pro 3.7 crashes when I update my LabPro OS.
TIL 1335: Is there a USB driver-only installer for the LabPro/LabQuest Mini/original LabQuest/LabQuest Stream?

Using Computers with LabPro
TIL 2098: Logger Pro can not connect to LabPro
TIL 1259: Logger Lite does not find my LabPro.
TIL 2501: Windows Pre-Logger Pro 3.11 original LabQuest and LabQuest Mini, and pre-3.12 LabPro drivers
TIL 1266: Why does Windows keep reinstalling the LabPro USB drivers for student accounts?
TIL 1288: Logger Pro 3 for Mac freezes or hangs when LabPro batteries are very low
TIL 1598: Logger Pro conflicts with Total Traffic Control

Using Calculators with LabPro
TIL 626: Can the CHEMBIO and PHYSICS programs be used with the CBL 2 and LabPro?
TIL 1281: How do you use an Instrumentation Amplifier with a TI Graphing Calculator?
TIL 1205: My Motion Detector is not collecting data with DataMate and LabPro.
TIL 1015: My photogates don't work with the PHYSICS calculator program

Using Palm Handhelds with LabPro

Remote Data Collection with LabPro
TIL 2105: How do I set up LabPro and Logger Pro for remote data collection?
TIL 777: My 6-V lantern battery is draining very quickly during long-term data collection in the field using LabPro (or CBL 2) with the External Battery Cable.
TIL 819: When I retrieve data from a remote data collection experiment using Logger Pro, I get just voltages or incorrect readings. What is wrong?
TIL 1314: Why is my calibration different when using sensors for remote collection?
TIL 1147: How does the LabPro Heart Rate algorithm work?

Do It Yourself (DIY)
TIL 691: What is the pinout for your BTA/BTD interfaces?
TIL 818: Where can I find BTA and BTD connectors and sockets?
TIL 725: How can I write my own programs for LabPro?
TIL 1210: How do I make an Auto-ID Resistance Probe?

Using LabVIEW with LabPro
TIL 1233: Can I use LabPro with LabVIEW?

Using the Signal Generator Feature of LabPro
TIL 1821: How do I use the function generator and analog output feature of LabPro?
TIL 1994: The Power Amplifier doesn't respond to LabPro input.
TIL 627: Can I use the DCU with the CBL 2 or LabPro?
TIL 1251: How do I use the Pasco Power amplifier with LabPro?

Sensor-Specific Issues
Extensive help and troubleshooting tips for each of our sensors is available on the individual sensor pages:
TIL 1231: Can I use Logger Pro as an oscilloscope?

Tips and Tricks
TIL 1216: Why does CH4 on LabPro read a different voltage from the others?
TIL 3308: What sensors do not autoID with LabPro?

Using LabPro with Products from Other Companies
TIL 1449: Are Vernier and Pasco products compatible?
TIL 1221: Can the labs for Holt Physics be performed with CBL 2 or LabPro?
TIL 832: Does the Daedalon photogate work with LabPro or ULI?
TIL 1129: Can an Acculab motion detector work with LabPro?
TIL 1108: What Vernier equipment is used with the Holt Spectrum Science manuals?
TIL 50: Can the PSL (Team Labs) Rotary Motion Probe be used with my Vernier equipment?

Using LabPro with Older Vernier Software and Sensors
TIL 707: Why can‘t my Macintosh computer locate the LabPro when connected with a USB cable?
TIL 671: When using Logger Pro 2.0 for Windows the program is unable to detect the connected LabPro using the USB cable. What is the problem?
TIL 1074: Why does Windows 2000 or XP warn me that the LabPro USB driver is untested?
TIL 738: Are LabPro and Logger Pro compatible with Windows 3.1?
TIL 659: Is LabPro compatible with your older software, DataLogger, ULI Timer, and MacMotion (running on an old Mac)?
TIL 661: Can I use older sensors with LabQuest 2 or other new interfaces?
TIL 1961: How can I update to new Vernier equipment and still make use of my old Vernier equipment?
TIL 734: Why do I get forces peaking at different times when performing the ILD Newton‘s 3rd Law Collision experiment with a LabPro and Logger Pro 2?

Sensor-specific issues
TIL 1955: Rotary Motion Sensor will not Auto ID with LabPro.
TIL 726: Is there a problem using an MPLI microphone with LabPro?
TIL 1935: The rotary motion sensor won't stay zeroed when using LabPro.
TIL 1467: What is the timing precision of photogate measurements?
TIL 1909: My Dual-Range Force Sensor is noisy when used with a Motion Detector and LabPro.
TIL 545: What is a heat pulser and what do I need to use one? If I have an old Heat Pulser can it be modified to work with LabPro?
TIL 1224: What is the input impedance of a LabPro voltage probe?
TIL 1914: My motion detector still reads 0.004 m after zeroing.

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