Note: The SensorDAQ was discontinued in spring 2021. For alternatives to using the SensorDAQ, see What can I use instead of a SensorDAQ?.

SensorDAQ (SDAQ)
Specifications and User Guide

Why is my SensorDAQ not working?
Why do I get the error -201003 using SensorDAQ
Can you connect two SensorDAQs at the same time?
Why am I having problems with my Vernier SensorDAQ running on Windows 7?
Can I use a SensorDAQ and a LabQuest at the same time in LabVIEW?
What example VIs are available for use with SensorDAQ?
Does SensorDAQ work on a Mac or Linux?
Will the VSMT work with SensorDAQ and LabVIEW?
Why is it that the SensorDAQ voltage probes do not read zero?
Why do I get an error when creating a LabVIEW executable?
Can SensorDAQ output a PWM signal and simultaneously run a Motion Detector?
Do you sell additional terminal blocks for the Sensor DAQ?
How do I drive the Power Amplifier using a SensorDAQ?

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