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This product is discontinued.

SensorDAQ is a USB data-acquisition interface from National Instruments and Vernier that offers convenience and power to engineering students.

Education Levels

The SensorDAQ interface is perfect for teaching NI LabVIEW or for building sensor-control student projects using NI LabVIEW software.

Included are four channels for a quick and easy way to add Vernier sensors without external wiring or signal conditioning. There is a screw terminal for digital I/O, analog output, counter, +5 Volt line, and 2 more analog inputs to build circuits, create custom sensors, control RC servo motors, turn on electronic devices, and more.

  • Connect over 55 Vernier analog and digital sensors
  • Use with NI LabVIEW software version 2009 or newer (not included)
  • Screw terminal connector provides 12 auxiliary channels


  • Maximum Sampling Rate: Up to 48,000 samples per second
  • >4 quick-connect sensor channels:
    • 3 analog channels, 13 bits single ended
    • 1 digital sensor channel
  • Screw terminal connector:

    • 2 general-purpose analog input channels-13 bits single ended, 14 bits differential
    • 4 digital I/O lines
    • 1 analog output channel
    • 1 counter

Computer System Requirements

  • Windows 2000 or newer
  • Available USB Port

What's Included



LabVIEW Virtual Downloads for SensorDAQ 

Compatible Sensors

Supported Sensors

Compatibility Notes

  1. Requires advanced programming for data collection
  2. Requires a Motion Detector Cable to connect to a DIG port on the interface
  3. You can only read the raw count/raw voltage output by this sensor. You must do the programming to convert to proper sensor units.
  4. Requires a Heart Rate Receiver to connect to an interface
  5. Requires an additional signal source, such as LabQuest running the Power Amplifier app or a computer running the Power Amplifier Function Generator Software, to control the Power Amplifier output
  6. Use with an electrode such as a pH Sensor, Conductivity Probe, or ORP Sensor.



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Educational use only: Vernier products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical, or commercial applications.