Over the years, we have made a few different versions of our dynamics carts. If you have inherited a set of carts and tracks, you may not know which version you have. Use the images below to identify your carts.

Note: Every version of cart shown works with our Combination Track/Optics Bench (TRACK).

Go Direct (or GDX) Sensor Cart (2018 – present)
Go Direct Sensor Carts were introduced in 2019 as part of the Dynamics Cart and Track System with Go Direct® Sensor Carts (DTS-GDX). Sensor Carts include a special motion-encoding wheel, force sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, and spring loaded plunger. Sensor Carts are available in teal (Go Direct® Sensor Cart (GDX-CART-G)) and chartreuse (Go Direct® Sensor Cart (GDX-CART-Y)).
Motion Encoder Cart (VDS: 2013 – 2016, DTS: 2016 – present)
Both the VDS and DTS carts are available as Motion Encoder carts. Motion Encoder carts include additional components to allow the cart to sense its motion as it moves on a track. The Dynamics Cart and Track System is available with a Motion Encoder Cart: Dynamics Cart and Track System with Motion Encoder (DTS-EC). The Motion Encoder Cart Upgrade Kit (DTS-MEU) allows you to convert a VDS or DTS cart into a Motion Encoder Cart.
DTS Cart (2016 – present)
The Vernier Dynamics System was replaced by the Dynamics Cart and Track System (DTS) in 2016. The DTS carts are plastic and come in two colors: light gray and teal. The light gray carts Plunger Cart (DTS-CART-P) include a plunger; the teal carts Standard Cart (DTS-CART-S) do not.
VDS Cart (2005 – 2016)
The green, aluminum Vernier carts were individually or part as the Vernier Dynamics System (VDS, discontinued). These carts were available with and without a spring-loaded plunger.

Fan Carts (2016 – present)
Fan Carts are also available in regular (Fan Cart (CART-F)) and motion-encoder (Encoder Fan Cart (CART-FEC)) versions.

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