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Does the Vernier Spectrophotometer Optical Fiber work with any of the Ocean Optics Spectrometers or vice versa?

No. The Vernier Spectrophotometer Optical Fiber, order code VSP-FIBER, $74 will not work with Ocean Optics devices, and the Ocean Optics fibers do not work with a SpectroVis (discontinued, SpectroVis Plus, order code SVIS-PL, or Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer, order code GDX-SVISPL, $399.

Similarly, the SpectroVis Optical Fiber works ONLY with SpectroVis Plus, order code SVIS-PL, or older SpectroVis (discontinued) and does not work with the Go Direct SpectroVis Plus nor any Ocean Optics devices.

The Vernier Emissions Fiber, order code VSP-EM-FIBER, $88 works with the Vernier Emissions Spectrometer, order code VSP-EM, $799, Vernier Spectrometer, order code V-SPEC, $1,799, and Ocean Optics spectrometers that take an SMA 905 connector.

A summary of fibers and the spectrometers with which they work with can be found at

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