Your Windows computer may not allow you to install Graphical Analysis, Spectral Analysis, Instrumental Analysis, or Logger Pro 3 if it is configured to only allow apps and software from the Microsoft Store, i.e. apps that have been “Microsoft-verified”.

If your Windows 11 computer is in “S” mode, you’ll need to turn S mode off. For details, see here:

If your computer is not running in S mode, you’ll need to change the “Where to get apps” setting. Go to Windows Settings > Apps > Advanced App Settings > Choose Where to get apps and then select “Anywhere”.

There is an alternative, but it is not fully tested.

We have a Progressive Web App (PWA) version of Graphical Analysis, and are working on PWA version Spectral Analysis and Instrumental Analysis. We are initially targeting these apps at the Chrome Browser, (for Chromebook support,) but Windows S mode doesn’t support Chrome. However, Microsoft Edge is based on Chrome, and we have had some luck with Graphical Analysis on Edge. You can try it here: Unfortunately it is still a work in progress, so we can’t promise anything in particular at the present time but we welcome any feedback if you do use it

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