Go!Link (GO-LINK)

Product Overview
What sensors are not compatible with Go!Link?
Do Go! devices work with the LabQuest App?
Can I use a Go! device with my calculator or an Easy device with a computer or Chromebook?
What are the differences between Logger Pro and Logger Lite?
My school is moving to Chromebooks. Will the probeware I already own work with a Chromebook?
How can I update to new Vernier equipment and still make use of my old Vernier equipment?
Which Vernier and Texas Instruments products are compatible with TI-Nspire products?
Where can I get Go! Tweet? How can I send sensor data to Twitter?

The LED on the Go!Link is a useful troubleshooting tool. When working correctly, the LED on the Go!Link is green. If your LED is not green, see:
The LED on my Go! device or LabQuest Mini is not green. What does that mean?
Why is Logger Pro not connecting to the interface and reading "No Device Connected" in the toolbar?
Why does my Go!Link or GC Mini fail to connect every other time on Windows 8.1?
How good is the time sync between WDSS and other interfaces?
How can I stop Windows from giving a warning about non-exclusive access to Go devices?
Logger Pro or Logger Lite freezes during data collection with Go! devices on my G4 or G5 Mac.
When collecting data on LabQuest at very slow data rates from Go! Devices, data collection ends before it should.
How do I tell which model Go!Link I have?

Cannot Find Sensors, Auto-ID Issues
My sensor Auto IDs incorrectly when used with a Go! Link.
Logger Lite does not detect any sensors.
Why does my CO2 sensor ID as a Current sensor when used with a Go!Link?

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