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Go!Motion Troubleshooting and FAQs

Go!Motion, order code GO-MOT, $119
Specifications and User Guide

Logger Lite software is free with the purchase of a Go! device. For more information about Logger Lite, see:

For troubleshooting information and a detailed comparison of Motion Detector models, see:
TIL 1374: Motion Detector Troubleshooting and FAQs

Product Overview
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The LED on the Go!Motion is a useful troubleshooting tool. When working correctly, the LED on the Go!Motion is green. If your LED is not green, see:
     TIL 2113: The LED on my Go! device or LabQuest Mini is not green. What does that mean?

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Since the Go! Motion and the regular Motion Detector are nearly identical, see also:
TIL 1374: Motion Detector Troubleshooting and FAQs

- order code: GO-MOT
- ultrasound frequency: 50 kHz
- resolution: 1 mm
- accuracy: 2 mm
- range: MD-BTD - 0.15 m to 6 m
- speed of ultrasound used to calculate distance: 343 m/s *
- power: 51 mA while running

*Adjusting the "temperature" setting in Logger Pro changes this value. Speed increases with temperature. We apply a linear correction such that a 1°C change of temperature is equal to 60 cm/s change of speed of sound. The Go! Motion is more sophisticated because only it has a built-in temperature sensor and applies the correction automatically.

- Air temperature corrections are possible only in Logger Pro and Logger Lite in the Sensors dialog.

- Motion Detector, order code MD-BTD, $79
- Motion Detector Clamp, order code MD-CLAMP, $10, must order separately
- Digital Sensor Cable, order code MDC-BTD, $5, shipped with sensor
- Cable Motion Detector to MPLI, order code M-MDC, \Contact Us
- Cable Motion Detector to ULI, order code ULI-MDC, $5
- Motion Detector Bracket, order code MDB-VDS, $11
- Digital Extension Cable, order code EXT-BTD, $12, 2 m in length

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