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Goniometer Troubleshooting and FAQs

Goniometer, order code GNM-BTA, $159
Specifications and User Guide


Primary Test: Plug the probe into an interface and launch the data-collection software. Rotate the flexible arm of the Goniometer so it is open at 180 degrees. Verify that the the data-collection software reports an angle of 180 degrees (+/- 3 degrees) without calibration.

Secondary Test: Calibrate the sensor. Perform a 1-point calibration at 180 degrees using the data-collection software. Verify that the data-collection software reports an angle of 180 degrees (+/- 1 degree) with calibration.

Tertiary Test: Verify that the terminal edge of the joint arm is aligned with the set screw on the side of dial. Reposition the flexible arm of the Goniometer if necessary. Follow the directions for calibrating the sensor that can be found in the sensor booklet.

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TIL 2883: My forearm / foreleg is too big for the 14-inch strap that comes with the Goniometer? How can I attach the flexible arm to my limb?
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TIL 2890: Is there a good way to attach the EKG sensor to the stationary arm of the Goniometer so the sensor box is out of the way during experiments?

-order code: GNM-BTA
-Range: 0-340 degrees (or +/-170 deg)
-Accuracy: +/- 3 degrees without calibration
(+/- 1 degree after calibration)
-Resolution, 10-bit (CBL, CBL 2, original ULI): 0.5 degrees
-Resolution, 12-bit (LabPro, Go! Link, ULI II, Serial Box): 0.12 degrees

-Calibrate? No. The probe is set to match the stored calibration before shipping.
-If you choose to calibrate the probe, conduct a one-point calibration at 180 degrees.
-You may also want to zero the probe before using it. This will provide both negative and positive angles.

EKG Sensor, order code EKG-BTA, $154
Exercise Heart Rate Monitor, order code EHR-BTA, $99
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Goniometer Replacement Straps (4 elastic straps), order code GNM-STRAPS, $15
Goniometer Replacement Arms (3 flexible arms), order code GNM-ARMS, $16

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