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Go Wireless Link Troubleshooting and FAQs

Go Wireless® Link, order code GW-LINK
Specifications and User Guide

- Primary Test: Press the power button on the Go Wireless Link to turn it on (the red LED will start flashing). Start the data-collection app and select the interface from the list of available interfaces (the green LED will start flashing). Connect an auto-ID sensor.

Go Wireless Link uses Bluetooth low energy technology and can only be used with devices that support Bluetooth low energy technology running the appropriate software.

Requirements for iOS support:
- iPad (3rd generation or later)
- iPad air
- iPad mini (all models)
- iPhone (4S or later)
- iPod touch (5th generation)
- Graphical Analysis for iOS (v2.3 - 4.0.3)
- Graphical Analysis GW for iOS

Requirement for Android support:
- For Android devices that support Bluetooth low energy technology, see:
- Graphical Analysis for Android v2.2 - 3.1
- Graphical Analysis GW for Android

Requirements for LabQuest 2 support
- Model:LQ2-LE
- Model:LABQUEST2, requires an external Bluetooth radio, Go Wireless® Bluetooth® Adapter, order code GW-RADIO, $29
      to know which model LabQuest you have, see TIL 3085: How do I know if my LabQuest 2 will work with Go Direct Sensors and Go Wireless devices?
- LabQuest App v2.6 or higher

- Chromebooks
- Logger Pro

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- Resolution: 15 bit
- Temperature range of the interface: -10 to 45°C
- Maximum Wireless Range: ~30 m, unobstructed in air (results will vary)
Note the Go Wireless Link is not waterproof, do not immerse the interface in water.

Interface dimensions
- length 8.0 cm, maximum width 3.2 cm, minimum width 2.2 cm

- Go Wireless® Charging Cable, order code GW-CB, $10
- Go Wireless® Link (interface only), order code GW-LINK-NP
- Go Wireless® 250 mAh Replacement Battery, order code GW-BAT-250, $8

- Go Wireless® Charging Station, order code GW-CRG
- Go Wireless® Link Teacher Pack (includes Go Wireless Charging Station), order code GW-LINK-TP

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