We have tested the Arduino Mega 2560 (5-volt version) with our Vernier Arduino® Interface Shield (BT-ARD), and it works, with limitations. One thing that may be confusing is that the Mega boards have more pins than an Arduino Uno or the SparkFun® RedBoard with cable (ARD-RED), which we sell. These pins are extra. The pins on the Uno and Redboard are on the Mega, in the same places, so you can use our shield. You just have extra unused connectors. Attached are some photos.

In addition, the Arduino Mega 2560 uses different pins for the I2C lines. This means the autoID of most Vernier sensors will not work. The few sensors we have that use resistors for autoID, like Stainless Steel Temperature Probe (TMP-BTA) or Surface Temperature Sensor (STS-BTA) will autoID fine.

To use other analog sensors with the Arduino Mega 2560, you would have to do the calibration in the program as described on our web site at https://www.vernier.com/engineering/arduino/calibrate-analog/