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The glass bulb of my pH Sensor is broken. Can it be repaired?

No, unfortunately a broken glass bulb on any of our pH sensors cannot be repaired or replaced and is not covered by the warranty. We typically make free repairs of our sensors whenever possible, but it is not possible to repair or replace a broken bulb.

To help prevent breakage:
• Avoid hitting the edge of the beaker or other vessel with the tip of the electrode.
• Using the electrode to stir a solution is not advised. However, if touching the bottom and sides of the vessel can be avoided, there is no harm.
• If using a stir bar, take care not to lower the tip of the electrode too far so that it is struck by the stir bar.
• Never let the glass touch anything other than liquid, e.g., if measuring the pH of a stream, don't let the tip touch rocks, sand, or gravel on the bottom.

Some of our pH sensors can be purchased in two parts, making the replacement of the electrode less expensive than replacing the entire sensor. Some examples include:

2-part pH sensor for LabQuest interfaces is made up of:
Electrode Amplifier, order code EA-BTA, $40 + pH Electrode BNC, order code PH-BNC, $41

The following are always sold in 2 parts:
Go Direct® pH Sensor, order code GDX-PH, $89 (the replacement electrode is Go Direct® pH BNC Electrode, order code GDX-PH-BNC, $40)
Tris-Compatible Flat pH Sensor, order code FPH-BTA, $99 (the replacement electrode is Flat pH Electrode BNC, order code FPH-BNC, $69)
Go Direct® Tris-Compatible Flat pH , order code GDX-FPH, $109 (the replacement electrode is Go Direct® Flat pH BNC Electrode, order code GDX-FPH-BNC, $68)

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