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The Vernier Tech Info Library contains support documentation for our products, including troubleshooting tips, detailed product specifications, and answers to frequently asked questions from our customers.

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  1. Issues with the silent installer with Logger Pro on Windows 7

  2. I am concerned that Logger Pro for Windows installs Quicktime. Is there an alternative?

  3. Converting from Jungo to WinUSB drivers manually

  4. My school is moving to Chromebooks. Will the probeware I already own work with a Chromebook?

  5. My original LabQuest is stuck on the LabQuest logo screen.

  6. LabPro gives unfamiliar beeps or does not make the "happy sound."

  7. Where can I find old KidWind documents?

  8. What are the specs for the generator in the KidWind kit?

  9. Windows reports 'MFPlat.DLL is missing from your computer' when launching Logger Pro; also MFReadWrite.DLL

  10. What version of Windows am I running? Is it 32 bit or 64 bit?

  11. What versions of Logger Pro Window-Eyes and/or JAWS are compatible?

  12. Can I connect a Davis Anemometer and Wind Gauge to a Vernier Interface?

  13. Logger Lite does not find my LabPro.

  14. Ocean Optics spectrometers fail to connect to a computer running Logger Pro for Windows (Windows 8,8.1,or 10).

  15. Is the yellow plug on my Kid Wind Mini Wind Turbine supposed to have a hole in it?

  16. What are the specs on your inductor?

  17. I am a KidWind wind senator. How can I access the Logger Pro software?

  18. Can I upgrade from a KidWind Basic Wind Turbine Kit to the advanced kit?

  19. Trying to run an MS-DOS program from Windows 95 or Windows 98.

  20. Can I purchase individual parts from one of the KidWind kits?

  21. How do I repair a KidWind Mini Wind Turbine nacelle that is incorrectly wired?

  22. Why does Windows complain that the device drivers aren't signed?

  23. Windows Pre-Logger Pro 3.11 original LabQuest and LabQuest Mini, and pre-3.12 LabPro drivers

  24. How can I use KidWind materials for the Science Olympiad Wind Energy event?

  25. How do I install the Jungo WinDriver for LabPro, LabQuest, and LabQuest Mini manually?

  26. I can't import data from my TI-84 or TI-89 via the mini USB cable on Windows 8.

  27. Are the device drivers installed correctly? (For Windows with LabPro, original LabQuests, LabQuest Mini, and LabQuest Stream)

  28. Does Logger Pro 3 support Windows tablets?

  29. Installing Logger Pro or earlier causes Windows 8.1 (preview) to crash with a blue screen

  30. I want to use your equipment to control an industrial or medical application.

  31. What is the difference between the KidWind SimpleGEN and the KidWind GENPack?

  32. Why does Logger Pro hang with Ohaus / VGPS / Watts Up on Windows 8?

  33. Windows support of Graphical Analysis 3.

  34. Where can I purchase a multimeter to use with my KidWind kits?

  35. Can MPLI and an MPLI board be used on a new computer?

  36. Where does Logger Pro install its sample video files on Windows?

  37. What is the minimum version of Logger Pro/Lite I can use with my hardware?

  38. What Vernier software works with Windows XP SP2?

  39. KidWind Troubleshooting and FAQs

  40. How can I measure the power of my wind turbine?

  41. Can I use Vernier sensors with LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT?

  42. Can I use Vernier sensors with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3?

  43. How do you get rid of bootup error message like c:windowssystemvmm32windrvr.vxd could not be found after mistakenly installing USB drivers to Win 95 PC?

  44. Why does Windows 2000 or XP warn me that the LabPro USB driver is untested?

  45. Is Vernier software compatible with Windows 10?

  46. When using Mac OS X, why is the Logger Pro or Logger Lite window is missing, but the menu bar is visible.

  47. Is your software compatible with Windows 8.1?

  48. Go Wireless Temp cannot be used with Windows 10 Creators Update and Logger Pro

  49. Why does my software no longer recognize my LabQuest or LabQuest Mini?

  50. Video capture in Logger Pro fails on my Windows computer, but works with Windows utilities

  51. Can I do data logging using MINDSTORMS EV3 software?

  52. Windows: Logger Pro hangs/crashes when I start it or takes several minutes to come up.

  53. Why is my time lapse video capture on Windows is black and seems to have no frames?

  54. Windows: LabQuest Viewer 1.0 crashes when I try to launch it.

  55. Can your force sensors be used in a test section of a wind tunnel for educational demonstrations?

  56. Why does Windows keep reinstalling the LabPro USB drivers for student accounts?

  57. Why does the Logger Pro installer take so long to complete on Windows?

  58. How do I test a KidWind generator?

  59. Does Vernier Data Share web app support the Kindle Fire web browser?

  60. My Windows computer fails to install a driver when using LabQuest Viewer software with a LabQuest 2 via USB connection.

  61. Why does LabQuest Viewer 2.0 prompt me about Microsoft .NET Framework on my Windows 7 computer?

  62. Can I use the LabQuest Mini with Windows 2000?

  63. Logger Pro won't launch on non-English Windows 10.

  64. Does Logger Pro run on Windows RT? Does Logger Pro run on the Microsoft Surface?

  65. Independence of Motion Accessory Troubleshooting & FAQs

  66. Printing problems with Logger Pro 2.x for Windows

  67. Does TI Connect and Logger Pro calculator communications work on 64-bit Windows?

  68. Why does Logger Pro 3 not play the sound from my video on a Windows computer?

  69. Is there a way to connect my CO2 sensor to an NXT Mindstorm?

  70. Where does Logger Pro store experiment files?

  71. (Windows) How do I reinstall Logger Pro 3?

  72. Graphical Analysis 4 for Windows reports "The bluetooth connection has been lost" when trying to connect to a sensor.

  73. The KidWind Mini Turbine does not light the red LED or work the sound and light board.

  74. What options do you have for computers running Windows 2000?

  75. Where can I download Logger Lite for Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.6?

  76. Does Logger Pro support Ocean Optics Spectrometers on a 64-bit Windows system?

  77. Why does LabQuest Viewer (v1.1) on Windows XP not show both LabQuest name/IP address when manually added?

  78. How do I know if my Windows PC will support Bluetooth GoDirect?

  79. Does Vernier Sell anything that would let me charge a phone or laptop from a KidWind Generator?

  80. What size of turbine blades should I use with my wind turbine?

  81. Logger Pro cannot find LabPro/LabQuest but the drivers look good.

  82. How do I use a multimeter with a KidWind setup?

  83. Why does my Go!Link or GC Mini fail to connect every other time on Windows 8.1?

  84. I get a "Path too Long" error when trying to open an electronic copy of a book on Windows.

  85. Why am I having problems with my Vernier SensorDAQ running on Windows 7?

  86. How can I stop Windows from giving a warning about non-exclusive access to Go devices?

  87. What KidWind kit should I buy to use with Renewable Energy With Vernier?

  88. Are the LEDs in the KidWind Power Output kit resistor protected?

  89. LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 Troubleshooting and FAQs

  90. How do I set a system restore point in Windows?

  91. Why was QuickTime not installed on my Windows 2000 machine when I ran the Logger Pro 3.6 installer (or newer)?

  92. I have a pre-2.1.1 version of Logger Pro for Windows. When I run the program and try to use the Sensor Setup dialog, the program crashes. How do I fix this?

  93. How do I use a screen reader like JAWS with Logger Pro?

  94. Is Logger Pro compatible with Windows Vista?

  95. What are the specifications for the KidWind water pump?

  96. LabQuest Viewer v1.1 does not install on computers running Windows Vista SP1

  97. The moving carriage on the Centripetal Force Apparatus is binding

  98. Can I investigate resonance in RLC Circuits with the VCB or VCB2?

  99. Why can't I light an LED with my wind turbine?

  100. Where can I get replacement LEDs to use with the KidWind SimpleGEN?

  101. Why after installing Logger Pro 2.1 in Windows 98 does my USB work intermittantly or not at all?

  102. Where can I buy more weight lifting buckets for the KidWind kits?

  103. Do OHAUS balances and Watts Up devices work with Logger Pro 3 and 64 bit versions of windows?

  104. How can I play Xvid codecs in QuickTime for Windows (from Flip cameras)

  105. How do I make my own PVC tower for KidWind experiments?

  106. Which generator should I use to pump water?

  107. Why does my Windows 7 machine complain about the Go Direct Spectrovis Plus driver?

  108. How do I buy a Talking LabQuest 2 unit?

  109. Graphical Analysis 4 Bluetooth issues on Windows 10: Do I need to pair?

  110. Logger Pro can't find QuickTime even after I've reinstalled it.

  111. Bluetooth Help and Troubleshooting Tips related to the Wireless Dynamics Sensor System (WDSS)

  112. Why is my sensor reading different in MINDSTORMS than on the NXT screen?

  113. Can I use your Go Direct sensors with other software?

  114. Logger Pro displays video as solid green

  115. Why does Windows 7 take so long to install the Logger Pro/Lite driver for LabQuest 2, LabQuest Mini, Original LabQuest, and LabQuest Stream?

  116. How do I set global preferences on Logger Pro in Windows?

  117. How do I install a driver for LabQuest Viewer software to enable communication with LabQuest 2 via USB?

  118. It is very difficult or impossible to slide the hex locks onto the hex shafts

  119. Why does the LabQuest Emulator no longer work with my LabQuest?

  120. Logger Pro installer warns that Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software.

  121. Why does my DIY LabQuest project no longer recognize my LabQuest or LabQuest Mini?

  122. Is there a way to force my bluetooth radio to load the Microsoft driver?

  123. Will Logger Pro run in a 64-bit version of Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8?

  124. Can Vernier products be used by students with disabilities?

  125. Are the Windows and Mac experiment files the same? Can you create a file on one platform, then open it with Logger Pro on the other platform?

  126. The wires on my wind turbine generator came off.

  127. What do you have for STEM or engineering in elementary or middle school?

  128. What is the best light source to make solar panels work indoors?

  129. How do I connect my Serial Box Interface to a Windows computer that does not have a serial port?

  130. Why doesn't LabQuest Viewer 2.0 install on a Windows 7 computer?

  131. Graphical Analysis and Spectral Analysis won't launch if there is no internet connection

  132. Why can't I import data from my TI-84 or TI-89?

  133. My Vernier GPS is detected, but never finds any satellites.

  134. Graphical Analysis 4 won't open my .ambl file.

  135. Do you have any lab activities that deal with renewable energy?

  136. (Windows) When I try to insert a movie in Logger Pro, I get QuickTime error 2048.

  137. Logger Pro installer on Windows 10 installer asks for a restart

  138. What activities use the KidWind Power Output Pack?

  139. Why does Port View indicate I have plugged in an NXT Sound Sensor when I have a Vernier sensor connected?

  140. Graphical Analysis 3.x for Mac and Windows Troubleshooting and FAQs

  141. Are LabPro and Logger Pro compatible with Windows 3.1?

  142. Where do I find the serial number and hardware/firmware version numbers of my Go Wireless sensor?

  143. Why don't I see the Vernier Sensor block in my MINDSTORMS EV3 Sensor palette?

  144. Can I use the modify or repair options from the LabQuest Viewer Windows installer to reinstall Bonjour?

  145. How do I connect my ULI to a Windows computer that does not have a serial port?

  146. Does Vernier Data Share web app support Windows RT and Microsoft Surface?

  147. I am designing a new school; where can I find a good resources for classroom design?

  148. Where can I find system requirements for Texas Instruments Software?

  149. I get a Javascript error when I try to run Graphical Analysis 4 on Windows.

  150. How do I find the MAC address of the LabQuest 2?

  151. My LabQuest 2 GPS does not find satellites.

  152. Where can I find BTA and BTD connectors and sockets?

  153. Can you create new match files for Logger Pro?

  154. Conflicts between Graphical Analysis 3, Logger Pro 3, and TI Connect for Windows

  155. Videos collected on iOS 6 devices and imported into Logger Pro for Windows display as a black box.

  156. Where can I find the original Energy Audit activity from Renewable Energy with Vernier?

  157. Why does a HotSync operation fail with this HotSync log entry - Data Pro cannot find the sessions record

  158. The LED indicator light on my Vernier UV-VIS Spectrometer (VSP-UV) is red.

  159. How do I calibrate the original LabQuest battery indicator?

  160. We currently use Graphical Analysis 2 (or 2.1, Windows or Macintosh) in our school. I would like to upgrade to the new Graphical Analysis 3 software. What is the order code and cost for this upgrade?

  161. I have a Blood Pressure sensor. Can my students use the data from the Cuff Pressure data that is collected by the software to calculate the BP parameters?

  162. Where do I find the supplemental files for Advanced Physics Beyond Mechanics?

  163. How can I combine two or more data files when using your Graphical Analysis for Windows software?

  164. What kind of batteries should I use with LabPro?

  165. When using Logger Pro 2.0 for Windows the program is unable to detect the connected LabPro using the USB cable. What is the problem?

  166. Where do I find electronic components for use with the Digital Control Unit (DCU)?

  167. Where are the experiment files for my book?

  168. My LabQuest 2 battery indicator is red, what does that mean?

  169. Are the LabQuest 2 device drivers installed correctly?

  170. My Relative Humidity Sensor thinks it is a UV sensor. OR I can't find my UV sensors but I seem to have some extra Relative Humidity sensors.

  171. Where can I find a 10 N/m spring for harmonic motion experiments?

  172. Downloading the LabQuest 1.5.2 update seems to work, but then I can't find the .lqa update file.

  173. My Go Direct Sensors won't connect to Graphical Analysis via USB on Windows or Mac.

  174. Why can't I find the correct Middle School or Physical Science experiment files in Logger Pro or Logger Lite?

  175. Where can I find technical specs for your sensors?

  176. When trying to install Logger Pro or Graphical Analysis on my Windows computer, I get the error message -5003;0xb7.

  177. Can not find interface on Power Mac. (PowerBook 3400, G3 and PowerMac 4400, 5200, 5400, 5500, 6360, 6400, 6500, G3, Mac Clone PowerBase 200)

  178. Where can I find LabQuest 2 Release Notes?

  179. Video does not display in Logger Pro 3.10.1 running on Windows 10.

  180. Logger Pro 3.10.1 or older does not find my LabQuest Mini using OS X 10.11

  181. Graphical Analysis 4 is not finding my LabQuest 2 that is connected to a Chromebook via USB.

  182. Where can I find Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for chemicals used at my school?

  183. Logger Pro Update for Mac fails with a message about not being able to find an older version.

  184. Is there a way to toggle on/off the colored background behind the absorbance spectrum graph?

  185. Where can I find prepared videos for video analysis in Logger Pro?

  186. Logger Pro 3 can't find my OHAUS balance.

  187. Where can I find DataMate screen shots to make my own handouts?

  188. Dave's Eclipse Tips

  189. Where do I find a replacement power brick and cable for my BlueView Transilluminator?

  190. Where can I find low-friction glass syringes for combined gas law experiments done with our Gas Pressure Sensor?

  191. The vertical wooden part of the tower does not fit into the plastic base of my KidWind tower.

  192. Where can I find MSDS sheets for one of the solutions sold by Vernier?

  193. Do Vernier sensors work with a Chromebook or iPad using the EV3 Programmer App?

  194. What programming environments do you support for using your sensors for projects and teaching coding?

  195. Why do I need a load when measuring energy with an energy sensor?

  196. How do you use the Accessibility Menu items of Logger Pro?

  197. What is the best way to attach turbine blades to the dowels?

  198. What are the tradeoffs between Graphical Analysis and Logger Pro?

  199. How to make a cliphub

  200. Logger Pro installer has trouble during the extracting files step

  201. Can I use my Mac interface on a PC?

  202. Logger Pro shows only a white space where the graph should be.

  203. How do the Vernier UVA and UVB sensors work?

  204. When I attempt to reinstall Logger Pro, I get a 1316 error.

  205. The Logger Pro installer generates an error about my Quicktime version being too new.

  206. Where can I purchase extra wooden spools?

  207. My Vernier sensor does not seem to work with my EV3 LEGO Robot. How do I troubleshoot this?

  208. Is there a USB driver-only installer for the LabPro/LabQuest Mini/original LabQuest/LabQuest Stream?

  209. How do I transfer a Logger Pro file containing a movie or image to another computer?

  210. Why are certain sensors not able to work with the NXT Adapter?

  211. Which Braille Embossers does Logger Pro Support?

  212. Why does Logger Pro hang with a LabQuest 2 when I close a second copy of LP?

  213. Can I play audio files recorded with a LabQuest in Logger Pro?

  214. Logger Pro won't launch or crashes or hangs when you attempt to start. (advanced)

  215. I import an mp4 created by an Android device and the movie displays as a black box.

  216. Should I purchase the Vernier Variable Load or the Vernier Resistor Board?

  217. Do you have Logger Pro for Linux?

  218. During Data Pro installation, why do I get error 0x8007000E?

  219. Why is my Vernier website shopping cart empty after I update it?

  220. Logger Pro/Logger Lite gives an error about mfc140u.dll or 0xc000007b

  221. Why does my LEGO solar tracker only move in one direction?

  222. My LEGO EV3 program is not working. How do I start troubleshooting?

  223. How do I update my LabPro/CBL2?

  224. Does my netbook work with Vernier software?

  225. Can I install your software onto a USB drive?

  226. What is the maximum number of points I can collect/what is the maximum number of sensors or interfaces I can use?

  227. What are the system requirements for TI-Nspire and TI-Nspire CAS computer software?

  228. Why does my Quickcam 5000 software keep crashing?

  229. How do I attach my Go Direct Force and Acceleration using the bracket to my Go Direct CFA?

  230. Where can I get simulation software?

  231. How do I set up LabPro and Logger Pro for remote data collection?

  232. How do I enable Manual Configuration Mode in Logger Pro?

  233. Go Direct Blood Pressure Troubleshooting and FAQs

  234. My movie doesn't open in Logger Pro. What can I do?

  235. Why do I see square boxes where data table row numbers should be? Why are the table headers and axis labels blank?

  236. What are the system requirements for Logger Pro and Logger Lite?

  237. Does LabQuest print to the HP LaserJet P1606dn?

  238. Does Logger Pro work with Universal Imaging Utility?

  239. Radiation Monitor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  240. What does the battery icon on my LabQuest 2 mean?

  241. What do I need to purchase to do the prescribed practicals in IB Chemistry?

  242. Vernier GPS Troubleshooting and FAQs

  243. Logger Pro can not connect to LabPro

  244. Common causes of problems with the silent installer

  245. LabQuest Emulator Troubleshooting and FAQs

  246. When I try to run Logger Pro on my Mac, it re-installs.

  247. What are the system requirements for LabQuest Viewer?

  248. How do I connect my sensor to Scratch 3?

  249. What make and model of computer do you recommend? Should I buy a Mac or a PC?

  250. What languages does Graphical Analysis 4 support?

  251. Why do I get strange waveforms from the Power Amplifier Function Generator application?

  252. Go Direct Respiration Belt Troubleshooting and FAQs

  253. How can I overlay two emission spectra graphs in LoggerPro?

  254. How do I attach my Go Direct Accelerometer to my experimental setup?

  255. What languages does Spectral Analysis support?

  256. When installing Logger Pro, I get error 1152.

  257. LabPro Troubleshooting and FAQs

  258. Why does Logger Pro 2.2 launch with the error message: The application failed to initialize properly.

  259. What Is the Difference Between Auto-ID Sensors, Non-Auto-ID Sensors, and Smart Sensors?

  260. Student Radiation Monitor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  261. Why are the menu options, "Movie, Video Capture, and Gel Analysis" grayed out in the Insert menu of Logger Pro?

  262. Video Analysis: marked points and scale are offset.

  263. Logger Pro does not connect to the interface and reads "No Device Connected" in the toolbar.

  264. How can I update to new Vernier equipment and still make use of my old Vernier equipment?

  265. What software can be used with LabQuest Stream?

  266. How do I make an Auto-ID Resistance Probe?

  267. How do I use Google Science Journal with Go Direct sensors on Android?

  268. How do you create new match files for MacMotion or Motion?

  269. What is the difference between the various models of Davis Weather stations?

  270. What do I need to purchase to do the prescribed practicals in IB Physics?

  271. Why aren't my LabVIEW examples for LabQuest working?

  272. When installing software, I get the message: Incompatible version of the RPC stub?

  273. How do I set up Google Science Journal for data collection with Go Wireless sensors?

  274. General Troubleshooting Tips for Vernier Products

  275. Logger Pro Troubleshooting and FAQs

  276. How to restore LabPro firmware and update LabPro

  277. What is the difference between Logger Lite and Graphical Analysis 4?

  278. How can I measure currents outside the range of the Vernier Current Probe?

  279. Why do I get only one run of data Hotsync‘ed?

  280. What equipment do I need for the LEGO-EV3 Engineering Projects book?

  281. Go Direct Drop Counter Troubleshooting and FAQs

  282. Go Direct Sensor Cart Troubleshooting and FAQs

  283. I cannot connect to mBot (PC/Mac/ChromeOS).

  284. Can I perform a custom calibration of a Vernier spirometer?

  285. Which UV sensor should I purchase--UVA or UVB?

  286. Go Direct Temperature sensor reports a constant value

  287. My custom experiment files appear to be missing after installing newer versions of Logger Pro.

  288. Go Wireless Sensors - Computer, Tablet and Mobile Device Support Details

  289. Do you have anything I can 3D print to use with my Vernier sensors?

  290. How do I change the LabQuest language back to English?

  291. Bluetooth Wireless FAQs

  292. How do you connect a Go!Motion or Go!Temp to my Hummingbird robot?

  293. When I attempt to download a cmbl file from a website all I see is a bunch of code.

  294. Do you have silent installers for software other than Logger Pro and Graphical Analysis 4?

  295. Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard): Why do files of type .ga3 open in Logger Pro or files of type .cmbl open in Graphical Analysis?

  296. Is there a user guide for Logger Pro 3?

  297. What equipment do I need for the LEGO-NXT Engineering Projects book?

  298. Videos in Logger Pro are rotated or sideways.

  299. Data Collection with Go Wireless pH/Electrode Amplifier FAQs

  300. Is there a way to connect Vernier sensors to Pachube?

  301. How can I control AC devices with the Digital Control Unit?

  302. Can I use an ISE with Arduino?

  303. I updated Logger Pro and no longer can connect to my Go Wireless Temp

  304. What can I do to make my Vernier sensor readings more steady in my EV3 program?

  305. Drop Counter Troubleshooting and FAQs

  306. Which digital video camera should I purchase for video analysis?

  307. Logger Lite does not detect any sensors.

  308. Do you have Logger Pro for Chromebooks?

  309. How do I remove a broken capillary tube from a Melt Station?

  310. LabQuest won't connect to Logger Pro.

  311. Why does Logger Pro 3 (or Logger Lite) crash right after it opens?

  312. why do I get an error when creating a labview executable

  313. How do I use a specially prepared drive to recover a LabQuest 2 unit?

  314. Why am I having trouble with HotSync on a Palm handheld?

  315. How do I delete the data files that my students save to the LabQuest?

  316. Can I run Logger Pro in a different Language?

  317. Do you have Logger Pro for iPad?

  318. Does SensorDAQ work on a Mac or Linux?

  319. LabQuest 2.7 and 2.7.1 Release Notes

  320. LabQuest Stream Battery Troubleshooting and FAQ

  321. How does Logger Pro calculate velocity and acceleration from Motion Detector data?

  322. What is the difference between a Go Wireless sensor and a Go Direct sensor?

  323. How do I collect good videos for analysis in Video Physics or Logger Pro?

  324. Are the files for the first edition of Physics with Vernier included with the latest version of Logger Pro?

  325. How can I get the best measurements with the Vernier Emissions Spectrometer?

  326. How do I connect to a LabQuest Stream via Bluetooth using Logger Pro?

  327. Scan for Wireless LabQuest Stream in Logger Pro? does not show my device, what do I do now?

  328. What does the button do on Go Wireless sensors?

  329. Go Wireless Temp Troubleshooting and FAQs

  330. Why doesn't the warning LED of my Energy Sensor come on?

  331. For the TI-84 Plus or TI-89 Titanium calculators, should I purchase the teacher ViewScreen calculator, or should I purchase the student calculator with the USB to ViewScreen/Presenter adapter?

  332. Can I get data from multiple LabQuest files into a single Logger Pro file?

  333. How do I get the sensor reading from the Vernier EV3 Sensor block connected to the Display block?

  334. When I perform a HotSync, my data does not appear in Logger Pro.

  335. What example VIs are available for use with SensorDAQ?

  336. How do I use the Data Sharing feature of Logger Pro to send data to Graphical Analysis 4 via Wi-Fi?

  337. Why does Logger Pro not see my Watts Up?

  338. How do I calculate the resolution of my sensor?

  339. Which camera or microscope do I need to look at plant stomata, or to do stomatal counts?

  340. Why are the readings from the 30V probe lower than expected?

  341. Why is my SensorDAQ not working?

  342. Why is my calibration different when using sensors for remote collection?

  343. Which Motion Detector model do I have?

  344. Go Direct 3-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  345. How can I install Logger Pro on several computers? Is there an MSI file or a silent installer?

  346. Why is the Drop Counter calibration lost?

  347. How do I access LabQuest Viewer installers and password from my account on the Vernier website?

  348. The movie for the Coulomb's Law experiment in Advanced Physics: Beyond Mechanics does not play.

  349. What is the difference between Graphical Analysis 4 and Graphical Analysis 3?

  350. Why don't Logger Pro (or Graphical Analysis) curve fits always work? Why do curve fits sometimes change on opening a file?

  351. Motion Detector Troubleshooting and FAQs

  352. Graphical Analysis Chrome Web Store app running on a computer fails to launch and displays an error message.

  353. How good is the time sync between WDSS and other interfaces?

  354. Why won't my Vernier GPS Sensor (order code: VGPS) work on my Macintosh computer?

  355. Do you have labs written for your spectrophotometers?

  356. National Instruments LabVIEW Troubleshooting and FAQs

  357. How can I tell if my iOS device is compatible with LabQuest Stream?

  358. What types of activities can I perform with the Charge Sensor?

  359. How do I use the ProScope with specimens on a glass slide?

  360. Why doesn't my sound level meter read below 40 dB?

  361. Which TI-Nspire Handhelds work with the TI-Nspire Rechargeable Battery

  362. Can I use an accelerometer to measure velocity or position?

  363. Vernier Flash Photolysis Troubleshooting and FAQs

  364. My Go Wireless Link thinks that the wrong sensor is connected.

  365. Issues with older versions of Logger Pro (version 3.4 and older)

  366. Scratch 3 and Go Direct Sensors FAQ and Troubleshooting

  367. Graphical Analysis 4 Troubleshooting and FAQs

  368. How to reinstall old USB drivers after installing Logger Pro 3.11 or newer.

  369. Why did you discontinue Watt Up Pro? Are there alternatives?

  370. Can I use Chromebooks, iPads, or Android tablets for the PLTW courses (Biomedical, Engineering, etc.)?

  371. How do I deploy the Logger Pro silent installer with Group Policy?

  372. Which OHAUS balances can I use with Vernier technology?

  373. Will my device work with Go Direct Sensors by Bluetooth?

  374. Where can I get quartz cuvettes for your spectrophotometers?

  375. What is Project Lead the Way (PLTW)?

  376. OHAUS Balance Troubleshooting

  377. Data collection is interrupted on screen sleep or app backgrounding using Mac OS X 10.9 and 10.10.

  378. Readings from Vernier Energy Sensor are noisy.

  379. Can the labs for Holt Physics be performed with CBL 2 or LabPro?

  380. The Go! Extension for Scratch isn't loading.

  381. How do I move data from a LabQuest to a computer?

  382. How can I collect data from the launch of a model rocket?

  383. My OHAUS balance is inaccurate. How do I fix it?

  384. Mac: When I update Logger Pro, the Logger Pro 3 folder in Applications does not contain the application itself.

  385. Does Vernier sell a weather station?

  386. Can I use GW-RADIO with GoDirect Devices on a computer?

  387. Do Go Wireless products work with computers?

  388. Why is my graphed data noisy, when the display in the meter is steady?

  389. General tips for using Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE).

  390. Why does GDX-ACC report inaccurate altitudes?

  391. Can I use National Instruments' NI ELVIS with Vernier sensors?

  392. I tried copying and pasting from Logger Pro 3 and it didn't work. What else can I try?

  393. Why does the CD copy that I burned on a PC system no longer work on my Mac?

  394. How do I get an A260/A280 value with your UV-VIS spectrometers in Logger Pro?

  395. How do you display the degree symbol and other special characters in Graphical Analysis or Logger Pro?

  396. Digital Control Unit (DCU) Troubleshooting and FAQs

  397. I am using your Biology with Computers for Logger Pro manual. When I do a regression line, the slope is reported as an integer, namely 0 or 1. How do I fix this?

  398. How does LabQuest 2 compare to the original LabQuest?

  399. How do I connect my ULI or Serial Box Interface to a Macintosh that does not have a serial port?

  400. Can the BlueView Transilluminator be used with fluorescent stains that excite in the visible light range?

  401. Why does Logger Pro installer for 3.8.5 or newer complain about "unknown publisher" when I attempt to install?

  402. My anemometer isn't reading 0 at rest.

  403. Go!Motion Troubleshooting and FAQs

  404. How is the Vernier Circuit Board 2 different from the original Vernier Circuit Board?

  405. What are good practices for creating Logger Pro files for distribution?

  406. Do you have data-collection technology that works with Google Chromebooks?

  407. What is the ideal way to prepare a USB thumb drive for updating original LabQuest?

  408. How can I zero the sensor readings on my EV3?

  409. I am a Project Lead The Way (PLTW) teacher. Why can't I get the Audiometric Test to work?

  410. I am using a third-party electrode with your Electrode Amplifier. How do I calibrate the electrode in LoggerPro 3?

  411. Will my Ocean Optics USB 2000 spectrometers work with Logger Pro or LabQuest?

  412. How can I write my own programs for LabPro?

  413. How do I create an account on your website?

  414. Does Vernier have an inquiry-based biology lab book?

  415. My Go Direct sensor does not turn on

  416. When I use the Vernier EV3 Sensor Block why is there an exclamation point above the port number?

  417. Digital Radiation Monitor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  418. How can I use a photogate to count events?

  419. How can I improve the readings I get with the Exercise Heart Rate Monitor?

  420. Logger Pro asserts or crashes with a message that the file is corrupted.

  421. LabQuest does not respond and the screen and power light are black.

  422. Go Direct Motion Troubleshooting and FAQs

  423. My LabQuest 2 locks up or is not identified when connected to a SpectroVis Plus.

  424. My Go Direct SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer is not found when I try to connect via Bluetooth.

  425. What are the options for accessing the data from a Davis weather station?

  426. Can I use a SensorDAQ and a LabQuest at the same time in LabVIEW?

  427. Why does the Import from TI Device in Logger Pro not show lists L1 - L6 as expected or show a square (□)?

  428. Logger Pro sees my WDSS by name, but then fails to collect data.

  429. Go Direct Spirometer Troubleshooting and FAQs

  430. I plugged in a LabQuest or Labquest Mini and it isn't showing up in Logger Pro. (Mac only)

  431. What is the difference between the types of cuvettes you sell for Spectrometers and the Colorimeter?

  432. How do I project the LabQuest screen?

  433. How do I get good CO2 and O2 gas data during photosynthesis?

  434. Logger Pro crashes on launch on my Mac, but it used to work.

  435. Why is my EKG trace noisy? Why doesn't my EKG trace look like the trace in the book?

  436. Can I program my mBot via Bluetooth with mBlock 3 software?

  437. My Go Direct SpectroVis Plus is not identified in software when connected by USB.

  438. What compound microscope do you recommend for your digital imagers?

  439. How much current is drawn by a LabQuest charging station?

  440. Low-g Accelerometer Troubleshooting and FAQs

  441. Could I use one of your interfaces to connect the output of my third-party GC to your software?

  442. What do I need to purchase to do IB Physics?

  443. How old is my Motion Detector 2?

  444. 3-Axis Accelerometer Troubleshooting and FAQs

  445. CO2 Gas Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  446. Problems with force sensor giving bad readings because hex barrel has been removed and improperly reinstalled.

  447. Is there an update to Physics with Video Analysis?

  448. In what textbooks can the use of Vernier technology be found?

  449. How do I export data from Video Physics to Graphical Analysis?

  450. LabQuest 2 Wi-Fi username field is wrong and grayed out

  451. Why doesn't my Barometer show the same pressure as the weather report?

  452. What is the difference between Pivot Interactives and the video analysis offered by Logger Pro?

  453. Where do I get replacement lamps for the Vernier Circuit Board (VCB)?

  454. How can I create FFTs using the Go Direct Sound Sensor (GDX-SND)?

  455. Storing data and experiments with Datamate

  456. Can I install Logger Pro 3 to run from a server or network location?

  457. Can I use your sensors and an Arduino to monitor water quality for my aquaponics?

  458. How should I store Vernier products during the summer?

  459. pH Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  460. How can I manually set up a nonauto-ID sensor in DataMate?

  461. How do I edit typed-in data in Graphical Analysis 4 and Spectral Analysis?

  462. Why don't I get a freefall acceleration value of 9.8 m/s^2 when using a motion detector?

  463. How do I remove or replace a Go Wireless pH or Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier battery?

  464. Where can I buy sources for nuclear radiation activities?

  465. How do I remove or replace a Go Wireless Link battery?

  466. Do any of your sensors require special storage?

  467. Do Vernier products work with interactive white boards?

  468. Energy Sensor gives erratic readings with custom generator.

  469. How to I set up my Raspberry Pi to use GDX sensor with Python?

  470. My LabPro units wear down batteries quickly. What can I do to extend the battery life?

  471. Colorimeter Troubleshooting and FAQs

  472. LabQuest Viewer App for iPad Troubleshooting and FAQs

  473. How do I determine the best amount of load to use with my solar panel?

  474. How to use Vernier Thermal Analysis for FLIR ONE

  475. How do I decide which Dynamics Cart and Track System to purchase?

  476. The button icons in Word lab book files on Mac appear black (when printing or on the monitor)

  477. What signal sources can I use with the Power Amplifier?

  478. What is the difference between a Differential Voltage Probe (DVP-BTA) or Go Direct Voltage Probe (GDX-VOLT) and the simple Voltage Probe (VP-BTA)?

  479. Can I program my mBot via Bluetooth with mBlock 5 software?

  480. What are the differences between Logger Pro and Logger Lite?

  481. How do I connect the Go Direct Force and Acceleration Sensor to a plastic Vernier dynamics cart?

  482. Why won't the Go! Extensions for Scratch run in Firefox?

  483. LabQuest 2.8.4 Release Notes

  484. What is "Live" mode in mBlock 5? Why would I use it?

  485. Original SpectroVis does not work with Chromebooks with kernel older than 4.4.

  486. What is your privacy policy for Graphical Analysis and other Vernier applications?

  487. What is the input impedance of the Current and Voltage Probe System (CV-BTA or CV-DIN)?

  488. Why doesn't my pH Sensor read pH 7 in distilled or deionized water?

  489. LabQuest 2 e-mail gives a error "code 4" after you enter your password.

  490. Which Go Direct Sensor should I take to the amusement park?

  491. When installing Data Pro on a Mac running OS 10.x, I get - Error Creating File: 1008: 5, -5000. Access Denied Error.

  492. Can I use mBot with a Chromebook?

  493. Why do I get this error message? - The application Install Data Pro has unexpectedly quit.

  494. How old is my pH Sensor?

  495. When I plug the radiation monitor into LabPro it stops working. (especially if you have been using DCU).

  496. Why is it that some micro USB cables do not work with my Go Direct sensors?

  497. Can I change the graph highlight color in Logger Pro 3 or Graphical Analysis 3?

  498. Motion Encoder Cart turns on but does not register motion.

  499. What do I need to purchase to do IB Chemistry?

  500. What equipment do I need to do the prescribed IB Biology practicals?

  501. Go Direct Acceleration Troubleshooting and FAQs

  502. Go Direct Projectile Launcher Troubleshooting and FAQs

  503. Are Vernier products and Casio products (EA-100) Compatible?

  504. Will my Mac support Bluetooth GoDirect?

  505. What power supplies can I use with mBot?

  506. Why does my sensor show up as "Unidentified Sensor" in the Go!Link Extension for Scratch?

  507. I am using your Heart Rate Monitor with the earclip. What can I do to improve the results I am getting with this sensor?

  508. Is it possible to log data from an original CBL directly to the computer without using a TI calculator?

  509. My Motion Detector is not collecting data with DataMate and LabPro.

  510. My Colorimeter is not working properly. What should I do?

  511. Can I use LabPro with LabVIEW?

  512. Go Direct Colorimeter Troubleshooting and FAQs

  513. Logger Pro installer displays "Unhandled Exception"

  514. My Colorimeter won't calibrate properly when used with a Go! Link or EasyLink.

  515. Graphical Analysis or Spectral Analysis Android says that bluetooth is off, but I'm sure it is on.

  516. Can Go Direct sensors be used with Logger Pro software?

  517. How do I connect my LabQuest Stream via Bluetooth to Graphical Analysis 4?

  518. Go Direct Melt Station Troubleshooting and FAQs

  519. Video capture does not work in Logger Pro under macOS 10.14 Mojave or newer.

  520. Logger Pro gives error message about IDSX_OCEAN_OPTICS_UVVIS_SUFFIX when a spectrometer is plugged into version 3.14

  521. I'm not getting accurate results with the Chemical Polarimeter (CHEM-POL).

  522. My Davis Weather station stopped working. What do I do?

  523. Is connector on the Power Amplifier connected to the black lead of a VP-BTA?

  524. My original LabQuest is displaying white text on a black screen and will not boot.

  525. How can I tell if my LabQuest power adapter is good?

  526. Go Direct Force and Acceleration Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  527. Silent installer for Graphical Analysis 4

  528. Tips for improving your Vernier Fluorescence/UV-VIS Spectrophotometer data

  529. How do I get good impulse momentum data for an inelastic collision using Motion Encoder?

  530. Can I Order Pressure Sensor Accessories Separately?

  531. What Vernier products are available for physical chemistry?

  532. To which Arduino pins does the Vernier Interface Shield connect?

  533. What Vernier products are available for analytical chemistry?

  534. Go Direct Radiation Monitor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  535. Go Direct Light and Color Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  536. What coin-cell battery can you use for the IR remote for mBot?

  537. My Power Amplifier will produce an AC voltage but not a DC voltage

  538. Why does my LabQuest Viewer hang when looking at the list of discovered Go Direct sensors?

  539. Can I do Graph Matching with Graphical Analysis 4?

  540. LabQuest Sensor Setup doesn't list any channels

  541. How do I export data from Video Physics to Logger Pro?

  542. LabQuest Viewer Computer Software Troubleshooting and FAQs

  543. Why don‘t ChemBio, Physics, and PhySci work properly with my autoID Sensors?

  544. What is the battery life for LabPro? When is LabPro Powered (On, Off)?

  545. What is the difference between LabQuest Emulator and LabQuest Viewer?

  546. Data Sharing - Connected Science System FAQ and Troubleshooting

  547. I bought your pH buffer capsules. Can I make storage solution for my pH Sensors with this kit?

  548. When setting up LabQuest 2 for Gmail/Google Apps, I get an error 77.

  549. Downlaoding data from the Vernier Data Share web app gives me the error "This file type is not supported" when openign the file on a Chromebook.

  550. Will the Vernier Emulator work with LabQuest 2?

  551. How do you perform a basic launch with the Vernier Projectile Launcher or Go Direct Projectile Launcher?

  552. Mac: How to recover from a bad datashare installation path?

  553. My power supply no longer works.

  554. When attempting to install the Logger Lite 1.4.1 Debian package on a Dell Mini 9, I receive the error message: "Error: Wrong architecture 'i386'"

  555. Can I use the 64-bit version of LabVIEW with a Vernier interface?

  556. Go!Temp used to work, but now is not recognized by computer.

  557. I'm using a LabPro as my data collection interface for the Chemical Polarimeter. Do I need to follow any special instructions?

  558. Can I adjust the frame rate used in video analysis in Logger Pro?

  559. Will the original ProScope (non-HR) work with current computers and ProScope HR software?

  560. Why can‘t my Macintosh computer locate the LabPro when connected with a USB cable?

  561. Can I use Vernier sensors with PASCO interfaces (or vice versa)?

  562. Why are there blank data table cells in my spectrometer absorbance data?

  563. My USB drive is not recognized by LabQuest. What can I do?

  564. How is the temperature compensation calculated on my conductivity probe (CON-BTA)?

  565. How do you change the bin size of an FFT in Logger Pro?

  566. Watts Up Pro Troubleshooting and FAQs

  567. I installed Logger Pro 3.8.6 (or newer) and do not see an option for Data Sharing.

  568. How long will the LabQuest battery pack last?

  569. Can Logger Pro connect to LabQuest 2 via Wi-Fi?

  570. My WPA2 Enterprise network requires a certificate, how do I install it on LabQuest 2?

  571. How do I change the displayed measurement channel on my Go Direct Electrode Amplifier or ISE Amplifier?

  572. Does the conductivity probe have different calibrations?

  573. What languages are supported in the LabQuest application?

  574. Palm Desktop software blocks Logger Pro or Graphical Analysis from using the serial port.

  575. How do I set up LabQuest 2 and Graphical Analysis 4 to work together via wireless Data Sharing over Wi-Fi?

  576. Vernier Website Accounts Troubleshooting and FAQs

  577. What do the LED lights on the LabQuest Charging Station signify?

  578. Can I get analog output from a LabQuest?

  579. Why am I getting poor data from the photogate and LabPro with the CFA?

  580. What can I do about corrosion on the launch ball for the Vernier Projectile Launcher?

  581. Why does the movie I capture with my Logitech camera not have sound?

  582. Does Vernier distribute LabVIEW for Education? What is it?

  583. Do you sell replacement lids for my plastic cuvettes?

  584. Logger Pro FAQs for video-related features

  585. Can my Colorimeter report in percent Transmittance using a LabQuest?

  586. Where can you purchase the ProTek Model 303 power supply mentioned in Physics with Computers/Calculators?

  587. Can I use LabQuest's internal temperature and microphone sensors when connected to the computer?

  588. I see the cuff pressure, but LabQuest does not report systolic and diastolic values.

  589. Does Vernier have any labs that relate to climate change?

  590. How can I use a Vernier Photogate to measure g?

  591. What Vernier products are available for biochemistry?

  592. Melt Station Troubleshooting and FAQs

  593. Why does my photogate record a really high velocity at the beginning of a trial with a picket fence?

  594. How do I dispose of my pH sensor?

  595. LabQuest: How can I manually set up a sensor that does not auto-ID?

  596. Are Ethidium Bromide (ETBR) stained gels readable using a BlueView Transilluminator?

  597. Do you charge sales tax?

  598. How good is synchronization between two WDSS? Good enough for impulse experiments?

  599. Can I use a photogate to record animal movements?

  600. Why can't LabQuest print to the HP Officejet Pro 8000 printer?

  601. How do I use the DO Probe for AP Bio Lab #12 when my sensor won't fit into the BOD bottle supplied with the Carolina and Ward's kits?

  602. Can I get Logger Pro to display Heart Rate from EKG data?

  603. How can I get better recordings using the Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor or Exercise Heart Rate Monitor

  604. I get the message "This file cannot run properly with this hardware interface!" when I open an experiment file in Logger Pro. What is wrong?

  605. How do I remove or replace a LabQuest battery?

  606. Does LabQuest replace LabPro?

  607. Do you offer a Mac-compatible LabQuest Emulator?

  608. Wide-Range Temperature Probe Troubleshooting and FAQs

  609. How do I save a custom calibration to my pH sensor?

  610. Go Direct Wide-Range Temperature Probe Troubleshooting and FAQs

  611. Why does the movie player in Logger Pro show a blank panel?

  612. Can Vernier Sensors be used with MATLAB?

  613. Should I use a photogate or a Motion Detector?

  614. Does Vernier still support the original CBL?

  615. Do you have a power supply for electrolysis?

  616. Can I make substitutions to parts included with the Vernier Dynamics System package?

  617. How do I check the lamp output of my spectrometer?

  618. Go Wireless Temp - Data Collection Details

  619. Are there some readily-available substances I can use to measure fluorescence with a SpectroVis Plus?

  620. My UV-VIS Spectrometer is not working properly. It won't calibrate or it is not reporting across the proper wavelength range?

  621. I am getting a "Battery Fault!!! Replace Battery" message on LabQuest.

  622. How do I connect a fiber optic cable to an Ocean Optics spectrometer?

  623. How can I share my Video Physics project on YouTube?

  624. Will LabQuest print to the HP LaserJet P2035/P2035n?

  625. Why does my PSL/Team Labs Rotary Motion sensor not read correctly when using Logger Pro?

  626. Do you have written instructions for experiments that use the Vernier ethanol sensors?

  627. How do I clean the PAR Sensor?

  628. Vernier Breadboard Cables Troubleshooting and FAQs

  629. What is the cost of repairs for an Ocean Optics spectrometer?

  630. My pH probe no longer gives an accurate reading. What should I do?

  631. Where can I get a replacement stopper for my older style CO2 Sensor?

  632. Can I use solar power or an external battery pack to power LabQuest?

  633. Why do I get a WinUSB error with the Vernier LabVIEW 2009-2015 installer?

  634. How do I set up Vernier Photogates (VPG-BTD) for data collection in a projectile motion experiment?

  635. I can't get my structures and materials tester displacement reading.

  636. Can I use National Instruments' NI myDAQ with Vernier sensors?

  637. How can I view multiple LabQuests at the same time using LabQuest Viewer version 1.1?

  638. How do I connect a Wireless Dynamics Sensor System (WDSS) to a PASCO cart?

  639. What type of liquids cause problems for the pH Sensor?

  640. How do you determine the uncertainties on the curve fit coefficients?

  641. Can my O2 Gas Sensor (O2-BTA) be repaired?

  642. Why is there an exclamation point on the Wi-Fi networking icon on LabQuest 2?

  643. LabQuest 2 does not remember login credentials for a hidden Wi-Fi network.

  644. Why can't I open the Word files on my book CD?

  645. How do I install password-protected software from the Vernier website?

  646. How do you take apart a Vernier Dynamics Cart?

  647. Why is my 2 volt solar panel putting out more than 3 volts?

  648. Why don't I get consistent launch speeds with my projectile launcher?

  649. Why doesn't the Wireless Sensors option in Graphical Analysis GW work on my Android device?

  650. How do I perform weighted curve fits in Logger Pro?

  651. Tris-Compatible Flat pH Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  652. Will the PASCO Rotary motion sensor (CI-6538) work on a ULI or LabPro?

  653. Why can't I upload my sketch to my Arduino Uno/Redboard?

  654. Vernier Circuit Board (original model) Troubleshooting and FAQs

  655. How do I reset the LabQuest 2 defaults when installing an update?

  656. EKG Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  657. Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  658. Blood Pressure Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  659. How do I map LabQuest data if I don't own Logger Pro?

  660. When collecting data on LabQuest 2 at very slow data rates from Go! Devices, data collection ends before it should.

  661. What is the accuracy of the Magnetic Field Sensor?

  662. Can I use your equipment for a bridge-building contest?

  663. How can I change the sign of the force reading? (Make either push or pull positive or negative)

  664. How do I use a computer or Chromebook with only USB-C ports with Vernier USB products?

  665. WDSS Troubleshooting and FAQs

  666. Will the VSMT work with SensorDAQ and LabVIEW?

  667. How should I organize my Vernier equipment?

  668. Can I connect two separate Vernier DCUs to the Vernier Interface Shield?

  669. How to get good results with photosynthesis experiments when using a CO2 Gas Sensor.

  670. Can I open an experiment on iOS, like I do with Logger Pro?

  671. Can Logger Pro send data from a computer to iPads, Chromebooks, and tablets?

  672. Optical DO Probe Troubleshooting and FAQs

  673. Can you connect two SensorDAQs at the same time?

  674. Glass-Body pH Electrode BNC: Troubleshooting and FAQs

  675. Is your curriculum aligned to NGSS?

  676. LabQuest software corruption recovery instructions

  677. What is the difference between LabQuest and LabQuest Mini?

  678. Why do I get the "No Printers Installed" error when trying to print from LabQuest?

  679. Is there a screen protector available for LabQuest?

  680. Vernier UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Troubleshooting and FAQs

  681. Can I use older sensors with LabQuest 2 or other new interfaces?

  682. Where is the accelerometer located inside the WDSS?

  683. How do I set the clock and time zone on LabQuest 2?

  684. Where is the accelerometer located inside the LabQuest 2?

  685. What is the best procedure to get a clean sine wave when using a tuning fork with the microphone?

  686. What do the numbers on the bottom label of the SpectroVis Plus mean?

  687. What data collection hardware works with TI-Nspire products?

  688. Do you have lab activities that investigate cellulosic ethanol or other biofuels?

  689. Best Practice Techniques for the Mini GC and the Mini GC Plus

  690. Vernier Data Share (Android): When I try to Download Data, the download never completes.

  691. What is the difference between TI-Nspire (numeric) and TI-Nspire CAS handhelds and software?

  692. How do I free up memory on a calculator to collect more CBL data when using the PHYSICS program?

  693. Go!Link Troubleshooting and FAQs

  694. iOS: If I already own a copy of Video Physics can I download it to another device for free?

  695. What cuvettes can I use in the Vernier UV-Vis or Fluorescence/UV-VIS Spectrophotometer?

  696. Can I use the DCU with the CBL 2 or LabPro?

  697. Where are the experiment files for Physics with Computers?

  698. LabQuest 2.3.3 and 2.3.1 Release Notes

  699. What are the similarities and differences between radiation monitors?

  700. What Vernier products do I need to order to implement a Real Time Physics program at my college?

  701. The toolbar on Logger Pro or Logger Lite for Macintosh disappeared.

  702. Vernier Radiation Monitor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  703. Installing Logger Pro on Macintosh may require permission repair

  704. How do I remove or replace a Go Wireless Temp battery?

  705. How do I tell if a Current Probe is damaged?

  706. Does my Go Direct SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer firmware need to be updated?

  707. PAR Troubleshooting and FAQs

  708. What do I need to do in order to measure the magnetic field around appliances?

  709. Original LabQuest Troubleshooting and FAQs (Full List)

  710. LabQuest with lots of data won't connect to a computer.

  711. Logger Pro clips videos or shows offset points when not using full screen

  712. Why do the Chembio and Physics calculator programs crash when run on my TI-89 or TI-92 Plus?

  713. What is a heat pulser and what do I need to use one? If I have an old Heat Pulser can it be modified to work with LabPro?

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