Join physics expert Fran Poodry as she dives into three video-based experiments exploring motion and dynamics with Vernier Video Analysis®. See the  experiments come to life in vivid detail while the app accurately analyzes two-dimensional motion. Whether you’re in the classroom or out in the field, your students can record motion, mark points to track the object in motion, and manipulate graphs for deeper motion analysis—using a Chromebook™, iPad®, or any device with a browser. 

You will learn

  • How to teach projectile motion, circular motion, and conservation of momentum using video analysis
  • Tips and best practices for using vector displays, polar coordinates, tracking multiple objects, center of mass calculations, and custom calculations in Vernier Video Analysis
  • How to use the features that make Vernier Video Analysis an exciting new option for those who are still using Logger Pro® and are ready to make a change

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