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College Experiments of the Month: Unlock Scientific Innovation

Featured Experiment for College

Vernier offers more than 1,000 experiments in biology, chemistry, engineering/robotics, and physics that can help you inspire students and integrate data-collection technology into your science courses. We will be featuring at least one of our experiments in each edition of The Caliper.

Note: All three of this month’s featured college experiments are provided as part of a free trial of our Vernier Graphical Analysis Pro app, which includes supporting videos and sample experiment data. To support science educators during this unprecedented time, we are extending the free trial period for Graphical Analysis Pro through June 2022. 

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Oxygen Gas and Human Respiration
In this experiment, students use the Go Direct® O2 Gas Sensor or O2 Gas Sensor to 

  • Determine residual oxygen levels in exhaled air
  • Evaluate how internal O2 and CO2 concentrations influence breathing patterns


Determining the Concentration of a Solution: Beer’s Law
In this experiment, students use the Go Direct Colorimeter, Go Direct SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer, Colorimeter, or Go Direct Visible Spectrophotometer to

  • Measure the absorbance value of NiSO4 standard solutions
  • Find the relationship between absorbance and concentration of a solution
  • Use the results of this experiment to determine the unknown concentration of another NiSO4 solution
Investigate Beer’s Law with Go Direct® SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer


The Magnetic Field in a Slinky
In this experiment, students use the Go Direct 3-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor (or Magnetic Field Sensor) and the Extech Digital DC Power Supply to

  • Determine the relationship between magnetic field and the electric current in a solenoid
  • Determine the relationship between magnetic field and the number of turns per meter of a solenoid
  • Study how the magnetic field varies inside and outside a solenoid
  • Determine the value of µ0, the permeability constant

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