Effective and Inexpensive HPLC Analogue for First-Year Students: Buret Chromatography of Food Dyes in Drinks

Brian Stankus, Rosemary White, and Binyomin Abrams (Boston University, Massachusetts);
J. Chem. Educ., 96, 2019, pp 739−744.

The authors describe how to demonstrate HPLC using a chromatography column constructed from a buret and silica gel. A sample of grape drink mix is separated. A Vernier spectrophotometer is an option when measuring the components of the mixture by spectrophotometry.

Escape the Lab: An Interactive Escape-Room Game as a Laboratory Experiment

Matthew J. Vergne, Joshua D. Simmons, and Ryan S. Bowen (Lipscomb University, Tennessee);
J. Chem. Educ., 96, 2019, pp 985−991.

Students run through a variety of laboratory techniques to solve puzzles and identify an unknown compound in order to escape from the laboratory. A Vernier UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (VSP-UV) is used in this activity.

Sound Propagation, Reflection, and Its Relevance to Ultrasound Imaging

Thomas Allen (Portland State University, Oregon), Alex Chally (Portland State University, Oregon), Bradley Moser (University of New England, Maine), and Ralf Widenhorn (Portland State University, Oregon);
The Physics Teacher, 57, March, 2019, page 134.

This activity uses a Vernier Microphone and LabQuest 2 to study sound reflections in a tube that is closed on one end. The new idea is that one or more partially reflecting surfaces are included in the pipe, making the reflection more complex and modeling a medical ultrasound.

What a Metal Pipe Can Teach You About Magnetism

Maarij Syed, and N. Nuessle (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Illinois);
The Physics Teacher, 57, May, 2019, page 330.

This series of experiments uses our Rotary Motion Sensor with a Vernier interface to study the motion of an Atwood machine with one side consisting of a magnet moving inside a metal tube. The eddy current damping of the motion is studied.