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Whether you are teaching pH titration or exploring the properties of gases, Vernier technology and investigations will help your students better understand important chemistry concepts.

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Colorful Chemical Kinetics

4:00–5:00 p.m.

Avogadro’s Law and Order: Investigating a Rocket Launch Failure

Vernier Chemistry Solutions

Looking to deepen your students’ understanding of natural phenomena through meaningful interaction with data? Try our Graphical Analysis Pro app free for 30 days. Contact us today for a trial-activation code. Limit one trial per customer.

LabQuest 3 is a standalone data-collection platform that students can use to collect, analyze, and interact with data efficiently.

The Go Direct Gas Pressure Sensor measures the absolute pressure of a gas.

The Go Direct Temperature Probe is a rugged, general-purpose sensor that students can use to monitor temperature. Unlike a traditional thermometer, it allows students to collect real-time temperature measurements of a single instance or over a period of time. Its range and wireless capability make the Go Direct Temperature Probe the go-to sensor for real-world applications.

The Go Direct pH Sensor is a general-purpose pH sensor used to monitor pH of aqueous solutions and is perfect for lab and field experiments.

The Go Direct SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer can easily collect a full wavelength spectrum (absorbance, percent transmittance, or intensity) in less than one second. Once the peak wavelength is determined, you can establish the concentration of a solution (Beer’s law) or monitor rates of reactions.

The 4-wavelength Go Direct Colorimeter measures absorbance or transmittance of a liquid sample.

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