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Active Learning in Introductory Physics Courses

Active Learning in Introductory Physics Courses


Active Learning in Introductory Physics Courses

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Designed for those who teach introductory physics at universities, colleges and high schools, this hands-on course is for those wanting to make learning in their introductory courses more active, using research-validated, classroom-tested strategies that have been demonstrated to improve learning.

Early bird registration ends June 30, 2024. Graduate students only $100.

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Active Learning in Introductory Physics Courses: Research-Based Strategies that Improve Student Learning

  • Date: July 29-31, 2024
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Presenters: David Sokoloff, University of Oregon

Participants in this two and a half day course will be introduced to research-validated, classroom-tested strategies for each component of the introductory course that have been demonstrated to improve learning. These include RealTime Physics (RTP) labs (including a distance-learning version), Interactive Lecture Demonstration (ILDs) (including Clicker ILDs and Home-Adapted ILDs—for distance-learning), Collaborative Problem-Solving Tutorials, and Physics with Video Analysis.

Participants will be introduced to the latest, versatile data acquisition and video analysis software that—in addition to Mac OS and Windows—is compatible with Chromebooks, tablets and smartphones. Physics topics will be chosen from both semesters of introductory physics. Research on the effectiveness of these strategies will also be discussed

Complimentary printed copies of and online access to the curricula (published by Wiley and Vernier) will be distributed. These are also available for high school use at a special price as the Activity Based Physics High School e-dition.

Graduate credit will be available through the University of Oregon. Up to three graduate credits from the University of Oregon will be available for an additional $150/credit.

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