Physics with Video Analysis

Physics with Video Analysis

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Physics with Video Analysis


This book contains a wide selection of video analysis activities for introductory physics at either the high school or college level. Physics with Video Analysis contains activities for Logger Pro only.

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Physics with Video Analysis covers topics including kinematics, dynamics, circuits, sound, electrostatics, and more.

To learn more about the video capture and analysis features of Logger Pro, read the Overview of Video Features in Logger Pro FAQ.

Physics with Video Analysis is a product of the NSF-funded LivePhoto Project. For more information, see

Table of Contents

ExperimentSuggested Products
1Rolling BallNo probeware used
2Big and Small: How to Scale an ImageNo probeware used
3Velocity ChangeNo probeware used
4Velocity and SpeedNo probeware used
5Velocity and AccelerationNo probeware used
6Three Movies: Determining Constant AccelerationNo probeware used
7Demon Drop: A Mathematical Modeling ActivityNo probeware used
8Jumping on the MoonNo probeware used
92D Vectors: Pool Ball Displacement, Velocity, and SpeedNo probeware used
10Galileo's Projectile I: Using 17th Century TechniquesNo probeware used
11Galileo's Projectile II: Using Contemporary TechniquesNo probeware used
12Projectile Motion VectorsNo probeware used
13Frictional SlowingNo probeware used
14Impulsive JugglingNo probeware used
15Center of Mass MotionsNo probeware used
16Finding a Spring ConstantNo probeware used
17Net Work - Kinetic Energy TheoremNo probeware used
18OscillationsNo probeware used
19Slinky Wave SpeedsNo probeware used
20Superposition of Slinky WavesNo probeware used
21A Wave Pulse EquationNo probeware used
22Doppler Effect: Surface Water WavesNo probeware used
23Doppler Effect: Sound WavesNo probeware used
24A Heat Engine: Relating Work to the P-V CycleNo probeware used
25Coulomb's Law for Two Charged SpheresNo probeware used
26Discharge RateNo probeware used
27Electric Field Due to a Line of ChargeNo probeware used
28Resistance and Ohm's LawNo probeware used
29Parallel Plate Capacitor: Potential Difference vs. SpacingNo probeware used
30Wiring Capacitors in Series and ParallelNo probeware used
31Using RC Decay to Determine CapacitanceNo probeware used
32Exploring Faraday's LawNo probeware used
33Snell's Law of RefractionNo probeware used

What's Included

Electronic Version

  • 33 ready-to-use student activities, including videos
  • Videos included with Logger Pro
  • Access to up-to-date versions of the activities
  • Instructions for video data analysis with Logger Pro
  • Activities can be used in class, lab, or as independent homework, and do not require any laboratory equipment
  • Essential instructor information including teaching tips, suggested answers, and sample analysis of videos
  • Word-processing files of the student experiments, so you can edit the files to match your teaching preferences
  • A generous site license—buy one book and duplicate the experiments for your class

Printed Lab Book

When you buy the printed lab book you receive all of the resources listed for the electronic version, plus a printed copy of the book.

Sample Download

Preview “Velocity Change” from Physics with Video Analysis. The preview download includes student instructions, teacher tips, sample data, and more.

Download sample experiment


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