Getting Started

A guide containing detailed information about using the Video Analysis features in Logger Pro, including how to capture and analyze digital videos, can be downloaded for free at:

The book, Physics with Video Analysis, includes many practical examples and detailed steps of how to perform Video Analysis. More information is available at:

General Resources

How do I collect good videos for analysis in Video Physics or Logger Pro?
Where can I find prepared videos for video analysis in Logger Pro?
What are the system requirements for Logger Pro and Logger Lite?
Can I play and analyze video files from DVDs, YouTube, or other web sites in Logger Pro?
How do I analyze rotational motion with video analysis in Logger Pro?
Can Logger pro synchronize video with data that was imported from a third party data logger?
What is the difference between Pivot Interactives and the video analysis offered by Logger Pro?

Camera-Related Questions

Troubleshooting (General)

Troubleshooting (macOS®)

Troubleshooting (Windows®)

Note that we also have an app for iOS devices called Video Physics. For info on how to capture and analyze video on a mobile device, see:
Video Physics Troubleshooting and FAQs