Getting Started

A guide is available that contains detailed information about using the Video Analysis features in Logger Pro, including how to capture and analyze digital videos.

The book, Physics with Video Analysis, includes many practical examples and detailed steps of how to perform Video Analysis.

General Resources

How do I collect good videos for analysis in Vernier Video Analysis, Video Physics or Logger Pro?
Where can I find prepared videos for video analysis in Logger Pro?
What are the system requirements for Logger Pro and Logger Lite?
Can I play and analyze video files from DVDs, YouTube, or other web sites in Logger Pro?
How do I analyze rotational motion with video analysis in Logger Pro?
Can Logger pro synchronize video with data that was imported from a third party data logger?
What is the difference between Pivot Interactives and the video analysis offered by Vernier Video Analysis or Logger Pro?

Camera-Related Questions

Troubleshooting (General)

Troubleshooting (macOS®)

Troubleshooting (Windows®)

Vernier Video Analysis is a dedicated application for macOS, Windows, ChromeOS, iOS/iPadOS, and Android. It provides many of the video analysis features available in Logger Pro.

Note that we also have an app for iOS devices called Video Physics.

Video Physics Troubleshooting and FAQs