Getting Started

A guide is available that contains detailed information about using the Video Analysis features in Logger Pro, including how to capture and analyze digital videos.

The book, Physics with Video Analysis, includes many practical examples and detailed steps of how to perform Video Analysis.

General Resources

How do I collect good videos for analysis in Vernier Video Analysis, Video Physics or Logger Pro?
Where can I find prepared videos for video analysis in Logger Pro or Vernier Video Analysis?
What are the system requirements for Logger Pro and Logger Lite?
Can I play and analyze video files from DVDs, YouTube, or other web sites in Logger Pro?
How do I analyze rotational motion with video analysis in Logger Pro?
Can Logger pro synchronize video with data that was imported from a third party data logger?
What is the difference between Pivot Interactives and the video analysis offered by Vernier Video Analysis or Logger Pro?

Camera-Related Questions

Which digital video camera should I purchase for video analysis?
How does the aspect ratio setting on a digital video camera affect video analysis in Logger Pro?
ProScope Troubleshooting and FAQs
Why does the movie I capture with my Logitech camera not have sound?
Does the AIPTEK HD camera work with with Logger Pro?
How can I play Xvid codecs in QuickTime for Windows (from Flip cameras)
Why does a video captured on an iOS device give a codec error or render as a gray or black box in Logger Pro, Graphical Analysis Pro, or Vernier Video Analysis?

Troubleshooting (General)

Why does Logger Pro 3 not play the sound from my video on a Windows computer?
My video doesn't open in Logger Pro. What can I do?
Why does the movie player in Logger Pro show a blank panel?
How do I swap videos for analysis in Logger Pro?
Can I adjust the frame rate used in video analysis in Logger Pro?
How to get reasonable values for "g" from videos created with a Logitech web camera.
Why do objects in my video appear striped when I advance frame-by-frame?
How do I create a template for video analysis that includes calculated columns?
How do I transfer a Logger Pro file containing a movie or image to another computer?
How can I set the time of the first frame used for video analysis to zero?
I can't add points to a movie with frame rate override.
When I perform video analysis on a movie with a VERY high frame rate, the points do not sync with the movie during playback.
How can I synchronize a video in Logger Pro with data I collected with a TI calculator?
How can I display an acceleration graph from video analysis in Logger Pro?
How do I change the color of the points plotted in video analysis in Logger Pro?
After using Video Capture you get the error message "QuickTime Error: -2014 File ..\GUIQuickTimeMovie.cpp Method: GUIQuickTimeMovie::Message Line 345"
How do I analyze slow-motion or high-speed video in your video analysis apps?
Videos in Logger Pro are rotated or sideways.

Troubleshooting (macOS®)

Video and image capture do not work in Logger Pro under macOS 10.14 Mojave or newer.
Video Analysis: marked points and scale are offset.
Logger Pro uses the built-in iSight camera and won't let me choose a DV or Proscope HR for video capture.
Logger Pro 3.5 plays back videos poorly on my Mac.
Do the Logitech web cameras work on a Mac?
Logger Pro clips videos or shows offset points when not using full screen
Video controls missing in Logger Pro on macOS 10.13

Troubleshooting (Windows®)

Is there an update to Physics with Video Analysis?
Why are the menu options, "Movie, Video Capture, and Gel Analysis" grayed out in the Insert menu of Logger Pro? (Windows)
Video does not display in Logger Pro 3.10.1 running on Windows 10.
Video capture in Logger Pro fails on my Windows computer, but works with Windows utilities
Why does my Quickcam 5000 software keep crashing?
Why was QuickTime not installed on my Windows 2000 machine when I ran the Logger Pro 3.6 installer (or newer)?
(Windows) When I try to insert a movie in Logger Pro, I get QuickTime error 2048.
I am concerned that Logger Pro for Windows installs Quicktime. Is there an alternative?
Why is my time lapse video capture on Windows is black and seems to have no frames?

Vernier Video Analysis is a dedicated application for macOS, Windows, ChromeOS, iOS/iPadOS, and Android. It provides many of the video analysis features available in Logger Pro.

Note that we also have an app for iOS devices called Video Physics.

Video Physics Troubleshooting and FAQs