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Grow Your Students’ Confidence in Math

Confidence in math grows when students grasp its connection to everyday life. And now with enhanced compatibility between Vernier and Texas Instruments, students can explore math in tangible, real-world scenarios by wirelessly capturing and analyzing data on their TI calculator in real time.

Wirelessly Connect TI Calculators with Go Direct Sensors

Unlock the doors to a deeper understanding of mathematics through real-time data collection. Connect your TI-Nspire™ CX II or TI-84 Plus CE Python calculator wirelessly to select Go Direct® sensors using the TI Bluetooth® Adapter.

TI’s Go Direct Python module offers science teachers the ability to have students use TI graphing calculators to collect data from Vernier Go Direct sensors. Sample programs are readily available, so no coding is required.

Python Programming with TI and Vernier

Empower students to code their own data-collection programs with Python®! By downloading and transferring Python modules for Go Direct sensors to their TI graphing calculators, students can easily experiment with input and output controls using their collected data.

Coming Soon: TI Support for Vernier DataQuest App and Go Direct Sensors

If you prefer the app-based approach to data collection, TI and Vernier have good news for you! Coming soon in spring 2024, TI will offer support for Go Direct sensors using the Vernier DataQuest® app (made for the TI-Nspire™ CX II graphing calculators) with either the TI Bluetooth® Adapter or a direct USB connection.

More Options to Collect Data with TI Calculators

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