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Thermocouple Troubleshooting and FAQs

Thermocouple, order code TCA-BTA, $69
Specifications and User Guide


-Primary Test: Connect the Thermocouple to an interface and check the accuracy of the readings for temperature in room air. They should be within 5 deg C.

-Secondary Test: Place your fingers over the wires and ensure that the temperature responds.

-TIL 1529: Can I purchase a replacement thermocouple wire for my TCA-BTA sensor?
-TIL 664: How do you use the Thermocouple to measure very low or very high temperatures more accurately?
-TIL 1303: Can I use our thermocouple in a bunsen burner flame?
-TIL 1292: Why doesn't my new Thermocouple work with Logger Pro or Logger Lite?

-Order code: TCA-BTA
-Typical accuracy: 0 to 900 degC: +/- 3 degC; -200 to 0 degC: +/- 5 degC; 900 to 1400 degC: +/- 14 degC
-Resolution, 12-bit: 0.40 degC
-Power: 11 mA @ 5 VDC

-This sensor is set to the stored calibration before shipping.
-If you wish to calibrate the sensor, you must conduct a three-point calibration using Logger Pro or Logger Lite. If you choose to store this calibration to the sensor, you will have to overwrite either the high or the low factory-installed calibrations.

To access these different ranges in Logger Pro or Logger Lite:
1. From the Experiment menu, select Set Up Sensors.
2. Select your interface. This will open a new dialog box.
3. Click on the sensor icon button to display the drop down menu and select the temperature setting you would like to use.
Other platforms (LabQuest or Graphical Analysis) do not currently allow you to switch between settings.

Units shipped before September 2016 have the following calibration equations (see TIL 1292: Why doesn't my new Thermocouple work with Logger Pro or Logger Lite? for more information):
Thermocouple degC
Intercept: -196.88
Slope: 327.360

Thermocouple degC Low
Intercept: -323.956
Slope: 514.839

Thermocouple degC High
Intercept: -284.075
Slope: 353.501

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