For all LabQuest models, the EasyTemp (EZ-TMP) and EasyLink (EZ-LINK) can be connected to the full size USB-A port using an adapter: Easy to Go! Adapter (MINI-USB).

For a LabQuest 2, the EasyTemp and EasyLink can be connected directly to the mini-USB port typically used for connectivity with a computer. The mini-USB port on the original LabQuest does not support direct data collection with sensors.

The difference between the mini-USB port on the original LabQuest vs the LabQuest 2 is that the LabQuest 2’s socket is a USB On-The-Go port which allows it to function as both a host or a device in the USB protocol. As such the LabQuest 2 uses a Mini-AB USB socket which will accept both mini-B connectors (the standard cable to connect to a computer). and mini-A connectors (like are on the EasyTemp and EasyLink). The original LabQuest doesn’t have the electronics to function this way on the USB Mini port, so it just has a Mini-B socket. A Mini-A connector has a slightly different shape, so it is not designed to fit into a Mini-B socket.

LabQuest 3 does not have a mini-USB port as it uses a micro-USB port for computer connectivity. While there are some mini-to-micro adapters, these cannot be used with LabQuest 3 for data collection through the micro-USB port.