This information pertains to LabQuest 2.

If you have an original LabQuest, see this article.
If you have a LabQuest 3, see this article.

For information related to LabQuest Stream, see LabQuest Stream Battery Troubleshooting and FAQ

When fully charged, a LabQuest 2 will run an entire school day in the most common use scenarios. Although warranted for one year, the LabQuest 2 battery should last for three years or more depending on how it is used.

If you are having problems with your LabQuest 2 battery, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

1. First use of LabQuest 2
LabQuest 2 ships with a plastic tab that prevents the battery from making contact with the LabQuest unit during shipping. You need to remove this tab in order to charge the battery. For more information, see My brand new LabQuest 2 battery doesn't work.

2. Check software version.
We recommend you update your LabQuest 2 to the most recent version available. Instructions on how to download and install the free update are posted at

Note: When having battery issues, we recommend you recalibrate the battery monitor after applying the update.

3. Recalibrate battery monitor.
a. If LabQuest is on, shut down the LabQuest by choosing Home / System / Shut down.
b. Remove the battery and disconnect the AC power adapter.
c. Wait at least one minute.
d. Connect the AC power adapter.
e. Press the power button to power on the device and wait for the device to boot.
f. Return the battery to its original position in the LabQuest.
g. Let the battery charge for 12 hours.

4. Run a battery test.
If none of these describe your problem, it is possible that the battery is no longer usable and may need to be replaced. To test your battery, see How do I test the battery life of the LabQuest 2?

5. Replace the battery, if necessary.
If the battery still does not hold a change and is more than one year old, you may order a new battery from our website:
LabQuest® 2, LabQuest Stream™, and Go Direct SpectroVis Plus Battery (LQ2-BAT)
If the battery is less than one year old, please contact Vernier Technical Support:

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