It is not recommended that these products be used in a vacuum or very low pressure environment such as that created by a classroom-grade vacuum pump and bell jar. This could damage the Li-Po battery pouch inside the unit.

Other products with batteries which may be damaged by vacuum:
Go Direct Sensors, such as Go Direct® Gas Pressure Sensor (GDX-GP) and Go Direct® Temperature Probe (GDX-TMP)
Go Wireless sensors, such as Go Wireless Temp and Go Wireless pH
Go Wireless Link
LabQuest 3 (LABQ3)
LabQuest 2 (LABQ2)
Original LabQuest
LabQuest Stream (LQ-STREAM)

This said, we know that some customers have successfully sent a LabQuest to the edge of space as part of a weather balloon payload. Some customers have successfully used Go Direct products in glove boxes. The decision to use our equipment in this fashion is at the customer’s own risk.

Can I use Vernier equipment in a weather balloon?