We have a lot of good options for using Vernier sensors on Chromebooks. Unfortunately, the LabPro is a legacy interface that is not compatible with Chromebooks. All of your sensors will work if you get a new interface. The least expensive option that works with all LabPro sensors is the LabQuest Mini (LQ-MINI). If you are doing a 1:1 initiative with Chromebooks, you might want to use the LabQuest 3 (LABQ3). Both LabQuest 3 and our older LabQuest 2 add the ability to “broadcast” the data to up to five Chromebooks at a time.

For an overview how this is typically used in a classroom, you might want to watch our video overview of Data Sharing (Sending data from a LabQuest to multiple student devices):

You will also need the new Graphical Analysis app, which is free app available in the Chrome web store.

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