Go Direct® Structures & Materials Tester (GDX-VSMT)
Specifications and User Guide

– Primary Test:  Press the power button on the sensor to turn it on. (The red LED should flash.) Start the Graphical Analysis app on your device and select the sensor from the list of available sensors. (The green LED will start flashing.) Does the sensor read near zero when no force is applied? Does the sensor read a positive value when pulling, and a negative value when pushing?
-Force Sensor Test: Attach an eye bolt to the force sensor. Lift the entire Go Direct Structures & Materials Tester by the eye bolt. The force sensor should read approximately 65 – 70 N.

Displacement Sensor Test: Note the location of triangle mark on the wheel. Zero the displacement sensor. Turn the wheel one complete rotation. The displacement should read 0.159 cm. Rotate the wheel back to its original position. Verify that it reads 0.00 cm.


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See user manual.

The VSMT Force sensor should not require calibration. A 2-point calibration is recommended if necessary.

The VSMT Displacement sensor cannot be calibrated.

VSMT Tackle Kit (VSMT-TK)