Vernier Video Analysis is a progressive web app available for Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android, and ChromeOS. It is used to perform video analysis on short video clips. As a web app it is downloaded and installed by visiting its URL using a compatible browser.

A user manual is available.

You can use your own videos or use videos prepared by other users. See How do I collect good videos for analysis in Vernier Video Analysis, Video Physics or Logger Pro? for a guide to capturing useful videos. A selection of sample videos is included on the welcome screen. Where can I find prepared videos for video analysis in Logger Pro or Vernier Video Analysis?

Updates to the application are made available regularly. Usually updates are applied automatically, but if the app is open when an update is made available, a prompt will appear in the Additional Options menu at upper right.

What free resources do you have to help learn how to use Vernier Video Analysis?


If the app prompts you to enter the license key, and the field is filled with a key, click or tap submit. If this does not succeed, use the full URL originally provided to access the app.

In unusual circumstances the app may be unresponsive, fail to load, or fail to open a video. These can be resolved most often by these steps.

  • Refresh the web page using the controls of your browser. This is often control-R or command-R. If that fails, try shift-control-R or shift-command-R.
  • If you are able to run the app in a private browsing tab, the local files of the app may be corrupted. To fix this in your main browsing windows, clear the cache in your browser for When you browse back to the app you will need the long URL that includes the access key.
  • Confirm that you are using a compatible browser.

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