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Elevate Hands-On STEM Learning with These K–12 Experiments

Vernier offers more than 1,000 experiments in biology, chemistry, engineering/robotics, and physics that can promote STEM literacy and help you integrate data-collection technology into your classes.



To conduct this experiment, students use the Go Direct® Gas Pressure Sensor or Gas Pressure Sensor. The objectives of the experiment include

  • Observe how transpiration relates to the overall process of water transport in plants.
  • Use a gas pressure sensor to measure the rate of transpiration.
  • Determine the effect of light intensity, humidity, wind, and temperature on the rate of transpiration of a plant cutting.

Check out a short video related to this experiment.


Properties of Solutions: Electrolytes and Non-Electrolytes

To conduct this experiment, students use the Go Direct Conductivity Probe or Conductivity Probe. The objectives of the experiment include

  • Write equations for the dissociation of compounds in water.
  • Use a conductivity probe to measure the conductivity of solutions.
  • Determine which molecules or ions are responsible for conductivity of solutions.
  • Investigate the conductivity of solutions resulting from compounds that dissociate to produce different numbers of ions.


Impulse and Momentum

This experiment can be conducted with several different combinations of equipment:

The objectives of the experiment include

  • Measure a cart’s momentum change and compare it to the impulse it receives.
  • Compare average and peak forces in impulses.

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