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The Caliper July 2022 Edition

K–12, College

KidWind: Renewable Energy Meets
Hands-On Science Learning

Whether you are a K–12 or college educator, KidWind offers a versatile, affordable way to teach the science of renewable energy—and that’s just the start.

Sunshine and STEM: The Advantages of Summer Science Learning Programs

Although engaging, relevant science education happens in traditional classroom settings, summer can be a great time to elevate and/or increase experiential STEM learning opportunities. Plus, given increasing emphasis on academic recovery, summer STEM learning programs are shaping up to be especially timely and important today.

Photo source: US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command C5ISR Center via Creative Commons


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K–12 Spotlight

STEM Innovation

Standing Out in a Rural District with the Support of Vernier Technology:
A Q&A with Amy Hindbaugh-Marr

College Spotlight

Science Innovation

Using Vernier Technology to Ensure Students Get the Best Possible Laboratory Experience:
A Q&A with Arianna Demmerly, PhD

What's New at Vernier

K–12, College

What’s New at Vernier July 2022

Enjoy this roundup of product announcements, upcoming events, academic journal and media mentions, and other news.

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