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College Chemistry

Inspiring the Chemists of Tomorrow, One Experiment at a Time

When you teach with Vernier technology, you're teaching with a complete chemistry solution. From titrations to spectroscopy, our sensors and instrumentation are backed by powerful analytical software, college-level experiments, and unparalleled support.

For years, colleges and universities have relied on our durable hardware to help instructors teach key concepts.


Our technology is designed and priced for student use.

No matter what concepts you need to teach, Vernier technology can provide your students with practical, relevant data-collection and analysis experience.

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Course Solutions

Explore our sensors, instrumentation, software, and curricular options for multiple college chemistry courses, including upper-division classes.

College Chemistry

We are chemists, educators, and your team.

We’re here to help. Contact us at so that we can answer your questions and help support you as an educator. See how our products provide you with affordable laboratory solutions and set up your students for success.

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College Chemsitry