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Help Your Students Understand the Structure of Living Systems

Our integrated solution helps students collect accurate data, visualize trends and relationships, and explore different hypotheses for both conventional and innovative experiments.


For years, colleges and universities have relied on our durable hardware to help instructors teach key concepts.


Our technology is designed and priced for student use.

No matter what concepts you need to teach, Vernier technology can provide your students with practical, relevant data-collection and analysis experience.

Biochemistry Product Categories

Example Data

Isolating and characterizing protein and sugar from milk with the Go Direct® Polarimeter and Vernier Instrumental Analysis

Quinine Sulfate spectra at varying concentrations. Absorbance (left) and Fluorescence with excitation at 375 nm (right).

Examining the absorbance and fluorescence spectra of quinine sulfate at varying concentrations with the Vernier Fluorescence/UV-VIS Spectrophotometer and Vernier Spectral Analysis®

This is only the beginning of what’s possible. See the recommendations below to get started with biochemistry.

Free Experiment Downloads

Essential instructor information and word-processing files of student instructions are available to download for the following experiments.