Physical Chemistry

Prepare Your Students for the Real World

Our integrated solution helps students collect accurate data, visualize trends and relationships, and explore different hypotheses for both conventional and innovative experiments.


For years, colleges and universities have relied on our durable hardware to help instructors teach key concepts.


Our technology is designed and priced for student use.

No matter what concepts you need to teach, Vernier technology can provide your students with practical, relevant data-collection and analysis experience.

Physical Chemistry Product Categories

Example Data

Examining the absorbance and fluorescence spectra of quinine sulfate at varying concentrations with the Vernier Fluorescence/UV-VIS Spectrophotometer and Vernier Spectral Analysis®

Kinetic trace at 600 nm for photocatalyzed cis-trans isomerization of Congo red

The Vernier Flash Photolysis Spectrometer has 100 µ resolution, allowing your students to investigate rate constants of fast photochemical reactions, including the base quenching of Congo Red.

This is only the beginning of what’s possible. See the recommendations below to get started with physical chemistry.

Featured Physical Chemistry Experiments