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IB Chemistry

Please choose a topic below for experiments that our science specialists have selected to help students deepen their knowledge.


1. Stoichiometric Relationships

2. Atomic Structure

3. Periodicity

4. Chemical Bonding and Structure

5. Energetics/Thermochemistry

6. Chemical Kinetics

7. Equilibrium

8. Acids and Bases

9. Redox Processes

10. Organic Chemistry

11. Measurement and Data Processing

Additional Higher Level (AHL)

12. Atomic Structure

13. The Periodic Table—The Transition Metals

15. Energetics/Thermochemistry

16. Chemical Kinetics

17. Equilibrium

18. Acids and Bases

19. Redox Processes

20. Organic Chemistry

21. Measurement and Analysis


A. Materials

B. Biochemistry

C. Energy

D. Medicinal Chemistry

Prescribed Practicals

1.2 The mole concept

1.3 Reacting masses and volumes

5.1 Measuring energy changes

6.1 Collision theory and rates of reaction

8.2 Properties of acids and bases

8.3 The pH scale

9.2 Electrochemical cells

10.1 Fundamentals of organic chemistry

19.1 Electrochemical cells

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