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Empower your students with the most versatile interface ever.

The LabQuest family of interfaces are designed to be intuitive so you can maximize class time.

Give Students Valuable Data-Collection Experience

  • Built-in graphing and analysis application lets students collect data in real time.
  • Students can sharpen analysis skills and get hands-on experience using data to back up their ideas.

Encourage Collaboration

  • Students can share data across multiple devices.
  • LabQuest interfaces are perfect for classroom investigations.

Getting Started with LabQuest

A guide to Vernier Data Collection with LabQuest. 

Why Choose LabQuest Sensors?

With over 80 sensors to choose from, our LabQuest® family of sensors offers the widest variety of experiments to integrate into your existing curriculum. Connect LabQuest sensors with an interface to your device, or use LabQuest 3 as a standalone device in the field or on the benchtop. With LabQuest 3, you can also transfer data wirelessly via Wi-Fi to one or more devices.

What you need to get started
LabQuest Sensor

LabQuest sensors share data with your device via a wired connection (BTA/BTD) to an interface from the LabQuest family.


An interface sends information from the sensor to the data-collection and analysis software. The LabQuest family includes LabQuest 3, LabQuest Stream,® and LabQuest Mini.


LabQuest sensors connect to computers, Chromebooks, and compatible mobile devices through a LabQuest interface.


Our LabQuest family of interfaces are supported by our award-winning data-collection and analysis software, including Vernier Graphical Analysis and Logger Pro® 3.

Lab Book

Our popular, award-winning lab books provide hundreds of well-tested, customizable experiments.

Our lab books come with a generous site license. Purchase once and share files schoolwide.

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