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This guide includes our picks for your Physiology classroom. Use this recommendation as a starting point to enhance your curriculum with hands-on science.

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Each student group should have at least one device (computer, Chromebook, iPad, etc) to collect and analyze data. We use this number to recommend item quantities.

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Graphical Analysis Pro is highly recommended for use with Go Direct sensors.

ProductUnit PriceQuantity
Vernier Graphical Analysis® Pro - 3-Year Site License (unlimited seats) ◥$299

Digital Microscopes

ProductUnit PriceQuantity
Celestron Digital Microscope Imagers - 5 Megapixel ◥

Requires a computer, Chromebook, or LabQuest 3 and a compound microscope

USB Digital Microscope ◥

Requires a computer, Chromebook, or LabQuest 3


LabQuest 3: A Standalone Data-Collection and Analysis Device

If your student groups do not have computers, Chromebooks, or mobile devices for data collection and analysis, you will want to add a LabQuest 3 to each group. We also have a dedicated charge station to conveniently store and charge four LabQuest 3 devices.

ProductUnit PriceQuantity
LabQuest 3 ◥

Add 1 per student group

LabQuest® Charge Station ◥

Charges 4 LabQuest devices



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