Logger Pro 3.16.2 is the final version of this long-lived application. There will be no more updates released, even if features cease to work as Windows and macOS are updated. 

If you’re a long-time Logger Pro user, thank you for your support and engagement with this application. You are welcome to continue to use Logger Pro as long as it works for you, but be aware that as you update computers and operating systems, things may break or change.

When Logger Pro 3 was first released in 2001, schools used either Windows or macOS computers. Today, decades later, many students are using Chromebooks, phones, or tablets running Android or iOS (sometimes alongside Windows and macOS). The legacy Logger Pro code would need to be rewritten from scratch to run on these new platforms, and even then the menu-based interface is not appropriate for touchscreen devices. 

Needing to offer support for these new platforms, we did start from scratch, and released a suite of Analysis applications. The majority of Logger Pro’s functionality can be found in the four Analysis apps, with Graphical Analysis Pro offering the most comprehensive functionalities. 

Most lab book activities have been rewritten to support the new Analysis apps. You can use the same LabQuest interfaces and auto-ID wired sensors with the new apps, so your existing sensor collection will continue to work. There are a few exceptions, but mostly the very old non-auto-ID sensors are the ones you’d need to retire. These non-auto-ID sensors are typically more than 20 years old.

In addition, the four Analysis apps are compatible with Go Direct® sensors. Go Direct sensors don’t require you to purchase any interface; you just need the sensor and a device equipped with an Analysis app. Logger Pro cannot support Go Direct sensors due to its old architecture. Most of our newer sensors and instruments can only work with the Analysis apps. 

Between the Go Direct sensor family, the many device platforms used today, and our work on the four Analysis applications, we are focusing on supporting the devices our instructors and students are currently using, and not the legacy application that is Logger Pro.

If you would like to discuss switching to the Analysis apps, or have additional questions about Logger Pro, we’d be happy to help. Please reach out to our technical support team at support@vernier.com or call 888-837-6437.