The main difference is hardware and software compatibility for each type of sensor.

Go Wireless sensors were originally designed to allow for data collection on iOS and Android tablets (e.g., iPad) without USB ports. The supporting application is Graphical Analysis GW available from the App Store and Google Play.

Go Wireless sensors can also work with LabQuest App (version 2.6 or newer).

Go Direct sensors can connect to any platform (Mac, Windows, tablets, etc) and have two ways in which they can connect – USB or Bluetooth wireless technology. For Windows computers, Windows 10 is required. The supporting software includes:

• Graphical Analysis
• Graphical Analysis Pro
• Spectral Analysis (Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer (GDX-SVISPL) only)
• Instrumental Analysis (Go Direct® Mini GC (GDX-GC), Go Direct® Cyclic Voltammetry System (GDX-CVS), and Go Direct® Polarimeter (GDX-POL) only).

Go Direct sensors can also work with LabQuest App version 2.8.4 or newer. Go Direct sensors will not work with Logger Pro.

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