Google has announced that they will cease support for Chrome Packaged Apps (or Chrome Apps) on the ChromeOS (Chromebook) platform as of June 2021. Google’s recommended replacement for a Chrome App is a recent type of app called a Progressive Web App (PWA). This change will affect the following Vernier apps:

The current builds (and anticipated 2020 updates) of these apps are Chrome Packaged Apps. However, in order to continue to provide data collection support on Chromebooks, we will transition our apps for Chromebooks to the Progressive Web App format by June 2021.

In support of this change, Vernier introduced our first Progressive Web App earlier this year – Vernier Video Analysis

One notable difference with Progressive Web Apps is that they are launched by browsing to a specific URL. For example, Vernier Video Analysis is reached at

Even though the app is hosted at a domain, Vernier Progressive Web Apps run locally, and no user information is uploaded to Vernier servers. This means that once activated, Vernier apps can be used while your Chromebook is offline.

Use of Vernier PWAs will require that IT administrators allow access to the .app domain.