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Spring Training is Not Just for Baseball

BEAVERTON, Oregon, December 1, 2005 – Starting in February, science and math educators across the country can once again take Vernier Software & Technology’s free hands-on workshops in data-collection technology. Educators may register online or sign up to be notified about specific workshops by e-mail. Registration is available at

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Vernier Marks 25th Anniversary by Celebrating Teachers’ Use of Technology in Science

Beaverton, OR – December, 2005 – In celebration of its 25th anniversary in 2006, Vernier Software & Technology is inviting teachers to share memories about the ways in which the company’s data-collection technology has influenced their instruction and enhanced students’ learning. If their story is selected for publication, teachers will receive a $300 Vernier gift certificate and a box of gifts, including a 25th anniversary T-shirt and mug.

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New ‘Logger Pro 3.4′ Software Makes It Easier to Teach Science to English-Language Learners

Beaverton, OR – December 1, 2005 – Vernier Software & Technology’s new version of the award-winning Logger Pro 3 data-collection program removes language barriers to educators teaching science to English-language learners. By presenting software functions in four foreign languages, Logger Pro 3.4 enables ELL students to fully participate in lab activities and learn science in their native language.

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Thanksgiving Experiments

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re bringing back the Turkey Activities! Two years ago, we had several activities themed around Thanksgiving. Due to their popularity, we’ve brought them back.

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Measuring Tennis Racket Forces

Thomas Haff, physics teacher at Issaquah High School in Issaquah, Washington, often gives his students inquiry based problems to solve. This year, he asked his students to determine the amount of force a tennis racket will exert on a tennis ball.

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Hurricane Rita Barometric Pressure Data

Brian Lamore is a physics teacher at the Chinquapin School in Highlands, Texas. While preparing to evacuate his school for Hurricane Rita, Brian recognized a unique opportunity to collect some data. Brian set up a LabPro with a Barometer to collect the changes in atmospheric pressure as the powerful storm went by. Fortunately, Brian made it through the storm safely and captured some great data.

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The Chemistry of Bathtub Tints

Jack Randall, one of our resident chemistry gurus, just can’t leave things alone. Jack has taken a cute bath product called Bathtub Tints (made by Crayola(R)) and turned it into an opportunity to conduct chemistry experiments. As Jack puts it, “It may not be bath time, but it’s time to do some investigations with these little bundles of fun.” You might like to try some of these activities with your students.

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The Volume of a Person

Eric Koser and his 9th grade physical science students at Mankato West High School in Mankato, Minnesota had spent lots of time doing experiments with overflow cans exploring mass, volume and density. They also spent some time considering what the density of a person might be and decided to measure it. Fortunately, one of Eric’s colleagues is married to a welder and she had her husband build a human-sized overflow can. Eric used Force Plates to measure the density of a person.

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Friends of Trees

On October 28th, 23 Vernier Software & Technology employees volunteered their time to plant trees in the wetlands near our office. This was a joint project with the non-profit group, The Friends of Trees. We planted 200 trees and spent a lot of effort to make sure the trees survive. The trees that were planted in the same spot five years ago were all destroyed by nutria from the nearby creek. We used tubes, stakes, and wire to keep the nutria away.

It was a physically exhausting job, but we had a good time and it will be very interesting to watch the trees grow over the next few years.

Vernier's Friends of Trees Volunteering

Happy Halloween from Vernier

We hope that everyone will have a safe and happy Halloween. In our offices, strange creatures roamed about and brought sweet treats along. Here are a few of the funny and creative costumes this year.

Vernier can count in binary
Our programmers demonstrated how to count in binary.

Vernier's special scientists
Our front office department showed us their nerdy side.

Vernier's very own Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa
Not to be outclassed, our marketing department snatched the best group costumes award with their Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory theme.

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