Below is a list of features that are available in the two versions of our Graphical Analysis App⚊the free version (GA BASIC) and the fee-based Graphical Analysis Pro (GA PRO)

For additional details on how to use these features, see the Graphical Analysis and Graphical Analysis Pro user manual.

Features accessible from the Welcome Screen/File Menu
Data collection with Go Direct and/or LabQuest (wired) sensors
Manual Data Entry
Data Sharing from LabQuest 2, LabQuest 3, or Logger Pro
Online Data Sharing
Open .ambl and .gambl (Graphical Analysis), .qmbl (LabQuest),
.imbl (Instrumental Analysis), and .smbl (Spectral Analysis) files
Open .csv files
Sample Experiments & Videos library within the app
Features accessible from Graph Tools menu
Export graph as png
Export data as csv or ambl
Export graph as pdf
Add Graph Legend or Graph Predictions
Use Interpolate, Tangent, Statistics, Integral
Add a right Y axis to graphs
Apply a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
Apply Strikethrough to ignore unwanted data
Linked X axes for multiple graphs
Apply basic (Vernier-defined) Curve Fits
Apply custom (user-defined) Curve Fits
Show uncertainty of curve fit parameters
Show units in linear fit parameters
Manual linear fit with draggable line
Add Graph Match (Position and Velocity)
Add Annotations
Add Annotations on a point or region
Bar Graphs
Features accessible from Data Collection Settings (mode button)
Time-Based Data Collection
Event-Based Data Collection
Data Marking
Features accessible from Table menus
Rename Data Set
Delete Data Set
Add Manual Columns
Add basic (Vernier-defined) Calculated Columns
Add custom (user-defined) Calculated Columns
Add Error Bars
Use categorical data
Views accessible from View Options menu
Access a Graph, Table, and/or Meter view
Access a Notes field view
Access a Video view
Sync collected data to a video
Replay data collection (with or without a video)
Display meters from all columns, including calculated columns
Features accessible from Other Options menu
About menu: access version number and applicable license information
App Preferences: Toggle Dark Mode and Scale Factor features
Session Preferences: Set number of points for derivative
and smoothing calculations
User Manual
Distribute App: Easily share Graphical Analysis Pro with others
Check for Updates: Update app to latest version
Support for Apple Silicon Macs
What’s New: List of features added
List updated for Graphical Analysis 6.0

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