Ocean Optics Absorbance and Emission Spectrophotometers:
Vernier Spectrometer (V-SPEC)
Red Tide UV-VIS Spectrometer (SPRT-UV-VIS, discontinued)
Red Tide VIS-NIR Spectrometer (no longer sold)

Ocean Optics Emission Only Spectrophotometers:
Red Tide Emissions Spectrometer (no longer sold)

Ocean Optics Spectrometers and Spectrophotometers are not compatible with Spectral Analysis

-Primary Test: Are you using Logger Pro 3.6 (or newer)?
-Secondary Test: Is the USB cable securely connected?

Can Logger Pro or LabQuest be used to collect data from spectrophotometers?
How do I separate the light source from the detector of an Ocean Optics spectrometer?
How do I connect a fiber optic cable to an Ocean Optics spectrometer?
What is the difference between the types of cuvettes you sell for Spectrometers and the Colorimeter?
Does the Vernier Spectrophotometer Optical Fiber work with any of the Ocean Optics Spectrometers or vice versa?
Do you sell replacement lids for my plastic cuvettes?
How do I check the lamp output of my spectrometer?
Do you accept donations of old spectrometers?
What is the difference between the V-SPEC and the GDX-SVISPL? Why does one cost so much more than the other?
Why don't all of my spectrometers and/or Colorimeters read the same absorbance value for the same sample?
What types of liquids can be poured into your plastic Colorimeter or Spectrometer cuvettes without harming the cuvette?
Where can I get quartz cuvettes for your spectrophotometers?
Why don't the absorbance readings for the Colorimeter or the spectrometers have units?
What is the cost of repairs for an Ocean Insight (formerly Ocean Optics) spectrometer?

Software Issues:
Why is the maximum sample time for a spectrometer set at 1000 milliseconds?
Does Logger Pro support Ocean Optics Spectrometers on a 64-bit Windows system?
Why are there blank data table cells in my spectrometer absorbance data?
My spectrometer is connected to a device and I get the error message, "Could not collect values from device," or "calibration failed" during calibration.
My Spectrometer is not working properly. It won't calibrate or is giving very noisy data.
How can I overlay two emission spectra graphs in Logger Pro?
How can I display both Absorbance and % Transmittance, from Spectrometer measurements, in Logger Pro 3?
I collected Absorbance data and then Fluorescence data (or emission data) with my spectrometer. I am now collecting Absorbance data again and my data does not look correct.
Is there a way to toggle on/off the colored background behind the absorbance spectrum graph?
Ocean Optics spectrometers fail to connect to a computer running Logger Pro for Windows (Windows 8,8.1,or 10).

Do you have labs written for your spectrophotometers?
Can I do blackbody experiments with the Vernier or Ocean Optics Spectrometers?
Do you have a spectrometer that can measure DNA concentration and purity?
Can I use my spectrometer to collect data at one wavelength (kinetics or Beer's law)?
How do I get an A260/A280 value with your UV-VIS spectrometers in Logger Pro?
Why is the absorbance reading on my device (spectrometer/colorimeter) unstable or nonlinear at values above 1.0?
Can I have my spectrometer capture full wavelength spectra episodically?
Do you have instructions on how to use a spectrophotometer to conduct the Photosynthesis lab?
Why can't I see better Hydrogen emission lines with my spectrometer?

Specs are different for each Spectrometer. See:
Which Spectrometer Should I Buy?

In Absorbance mode? Yes.
In Emission mode? No.

-Calibration process for Absorbance mode: Use a USB cable to connect the Spectrometer to a computer. Run Logger Pro 3.6 (or newer). Select Calibrate from the Experiment menu. Follow the instructions in the Calibrate dialog box.

Vernier UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (VSP-UV)
Plastic Cuvettes (Visible Range) (CUV)
Plastic Cuvettes (UV-VIS) (CUV-UV)

all USB2000 models
all USB4000 models
*See the following for details:
Do Ocean Optics USB4000 (UV-VIS and VIS-NIR) Spectrometers Work with LabQuest App?
Will my Ocean Optics USB 2000 spectrometers work with Logger Pro or LabQuest App?