Go Wireless Temp can be used with Logger Pro 3.11 or newer on computers with both a compatible Bluetooth radio and operating system. Compatible operating systems are Mac OS X 10.10 to 10.13, and Windows 10 version 1507 and 1607. Earlier and later operating systems are not supported. At some point in the future we expect to stop supporting Go Wireless Temp in Logger Pro but as of version 3.15 we still support it on compatible operating systems.

Other Go Wireless products will not be supported in Logger Pro.

The Go Direct family of wireless sensors is supported on Windows and macOS computers using Graphical Analysis 4.

Vernier Go Wireless products include:
Go Wireless® Temp (GW-TEMP, discontinued)
Go Wireless® pH (GW-PH, discontinued)
Go Wireless® Electrode Amplifier (GW-EA, discontinued)
Go Wireless® Link (GW-LINK, discontinued)

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