Logger Pro and LabQuest App supports data collection with our SpectroVis Plus and a variety of Ocean Optics powered spectrometers:

SpectroVis Plus (SVIS-PL, discontinued)
Vernier Spectrometer (V-SPEC)
Red Tide VIS-NIR Spectrometer (SPRT-VIS, discontinued)
Red Tide UV-VIS Spectrometer (SPRT-UV-VIS, discontinued)
Red Tide Emissions Spectrometer (ESRT-VIS, discontinued)

These devices connect directly to a USB port on a computer or LabQuest. For additional details, see:

Spectronic 20 series spectrophotometers (Spec 20, Spec 20+, Spec 20D, and Spec 20D+) all feature analog outputs that are compatible with Logger Pro, LabQuest 2, and LabQuest.

Flinn, Fisher, Spec 21, and Genesys spectrophotometers are not supported in Logger Pro.

A cable is required to connect the Spectronic 20 series spectrophotometer to a Vernier interface. You can purchase the cable from Vernier Spec Cable for LabPro/CBL (SPC-BTA, discontinued).

Data can be collected from the Spectronic 20 series devices using Logger Pro with the proper experiment file. Open the Experiments File Folder and look in the Probes and Sensors folder. Open the folder called Spec 20. There will be files for collecting Absorbance vs. Concentration and Absorbance vs. Time. Absorbance vs. Wavelength.

The LabQuest platforms running the LabQuest App can also be used to collect data from a Spectronic 20 series spectrophotometer. Connect the SPC-BTA cable to the LabQuest. Manually set the device up as a colorimeter. Perform a two-point calibration in %T mode and you will be able to collect data.

Legacy support
Spectro Pro – We used to sell a program called Spectro Pro and cabling that could be used to collect data from a variety of spectrophotometers. This software and cabling has been discontinued and is no longer available. However, if you have the proper cable, you can still use your spectrometer with Logger Pro or LabQuest App.