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Organic Chemistry with Vernier with LabQuest Sensors

Outfitting a lab for organic chemistry curriculum? This quick guide will help you customize the sensors you need for your student experiments.

Our integrated solution helps students collect accurate data, visualize trends and relationships, and explore different hypotheses for both conventional and innovative experiments.

Fischer Esterification Reaction Mixture

Measure and analyze the GC retention times of a fischer esterification reaction mixture using the Mini GC Plus Gas Chromatograph with room air as the carrier gas.

Salicylic Acid Melting Point

Use the Melt Station to record the melting point of salicylic acid, a precursor to the synthesis of aspirin. The Melt Station allows students to measure melting point up to 260°C safely and accurately, with no mess.

That’s only the beginning of what’s possible. See the recommendations below to get started with organic chemistry.

Ordering Information

All prices shown are for U.S. educators.

One lab station supports 2 to 4 students

RecommendedOrder CodePriceQuantity
Melt StationMLT-BTA$509
Wide-Range Temperature ProbeWRT-BTA$82
Polarimeter (Chemical)CHEM-POL$499
Vernier Mini GC PlusGC2-MINI$1,999
CHOOSE ONEGo Direct® SpectroVis® Plus SpectrophotometerGDX-SVISPL$399
Vernier UV-VIS SpectrophotometerVSP-UV$2,100
LabQuest MiniLQ-MINI$149
Logger Pro 3

Includes a site license for your school or science department and students' home computers

LabQuest 2 AppData collection and analysis software on LabQuest 2 interfaces
CHOOSE ONEOrganic Chemistry with Vernier

Includes a site license for your school or science department. Printed and electronic lab book.

Organic Chemistry with Vernier (Electronic Version)

Includes a site license for your school or science department. Electronic lab book only.



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