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IB Biology

Please choose a topic below for experiments that our science specialists have selected to help students deepen their knowledge.

A Unity and Diversity

1 Molecules

A1.1 Water

A1.2 Nucleic acids

2 Cells

A2.3 Viruses

3 Organisms

A3.2 Classification and Cladistics

4 Ecosystems

A4.1 Evolution and speciation

A4.2 Conservation of biodiversity

B Form and function

1 Molecules

B1.1 Carbohydrates and lipids

B1.2 Proteins

2 Cells

B2.1 Membranes and membrane transport

B2.2 Organelles and compartmentalization

B2.3 Cell specialization

3 Organisms

B3.1 Gas Exchange

B3.2 Transport

B3.3 Muscle and motility

4 Ecosystems

B4.1 Adaptation to environment

B4.2 Ecological niches

C Interactions and interdependence

1 Molecules

C1.1 Enzymes and metabolism

C1.2 Cell respiration

C1.3 Photosynthesis

2 Cells

C2.1 Chemical signalling

C2.2 Neural signalling

3 Organisms

C3.1 Integration of body systems

4 Ecosystems

C41.1 Populations and communities

C4.2 Transfers of energy and matter

D Continuity and change

1 Molecules

D1.1 DNA replication

2 Cells

D2.1 Cell and nuclear division

D2.2 Gene expression

D2.3 Water potential

3 Organisms

D3.1 Reproduction

D3.3 Homeostasis

4 Ecosystems

D4.1 Natural selection

D4.2 Stability and change

D4.3 Climate change

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