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Request Research on the Value of Using Probeware for Science Instruction

This white paper presents research-based evidence supporting the value of probeware as part of effective science instruction.

In-depth research in Vernier’s white paper, What the Research Says About the Value of Probeware for Science Instruction, support the following findings:

  • Data-collection technology can provide a learning advantage to students.
  • Probeware can help to deepen student understanding of science concepts.
  • Hands-on use of technology tools is recommended in guidelines from influential, national organizations such as ISTE, ASTE, and others.

In addition to the research, the paper provides a detailed bibliography to support your grant-writing efforts.

Please complete the form below to receive a copy of the Vernier white paper. As stated in our privacy policy, we do not sell, lease, or loan your information.

What the Research Says About the Value of Probeware for Science Instruction

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