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Relative Humidity Sensor

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The Relative Humidity Sensor can be used for weather studies, monitoring greenhouses, or determining days when static electrical discharges could be a problem.


The Relative Humidity Sensor contains an integrated circuit that can be used to monitor relative humidity over the range 0 to 95% (± 5%).

These units are designed to be used with one of the interfaces sold by Vernier and are not standalone sensors. If you are looking for a standalone relative humidity sensor, consider a sensor by Honeywell.

Sample Data


  • Range: 0% to 95%
  • Power: 200 µA @ 5 VDC
  • Response Time (time for a 90% change in reading):
    • In still air: 60 minutes (typical)
    • With vigorous air movement: 40 seconds (typical)
  • Typical Resolution: 0.04% RH

Humidity Sensor Specifications

Specifications for the IH-3602-L Integrated Circuit Humidity Sensor (at 25°C and 5.0 VDC) are given below:

  • Total Accuracy (with saturated salt calibration): ±2% RH
  • Total Accuracy (with standard calibration): ±10% RH
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 85°C
  • Temperature Effect
    • 0%RH voltage: ±0.007% RH/°C (negligible)
    • 50%RH voltage: –0.11% RH/°C
    • 95%RH voltage: –0.22% RH/°C

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