Spectral Analysis is free software for use with Vernier spectrometers.

Download Spectral Analysis for macOS, Windows, ChromeOS, iOS and Android

Sample experiments, screencasts, and a user manual are available.

Compatible Spectrometers

For a full list (with pictures) see:
      What spectrometers are supported in Spectral Analysis?

Compatible Data Collection Modes

  • Absorbance (Full spectrum, Events with Entry (Beer’s law), and time-based (Kinetics))
  • Percent transmittance (Full spectrum, Events with Entry (Beer’s law), and time-based (Kinetics))
  • Fluorescence (Full spectrum, Events with Entry , and time-based (Kinetics))
  • Emissions (Full spectrum, Events with Entry, and time-based)
  • Advanced (allows the user to collect full spectra from multiple data collection modes (i.e., absorbance, fluorescence, etc) without switching sessions)

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