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Salinity Sensor

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The Salinity Sensor precisely measures the total dissolved salt content of ocean or brackish water.


The Salinity Sensor easily and precisely measures the total dissolved salt content in an aqueous solution. Measure water with a wide variety of salinities, from brackish water to ocean water, and even hyper-saline environments. You can also study how salinity affects buoyancy or monitor salinity values in estuaries where fresh water mixes with ocean water.

Sample Data


  • Range of Salinity Sensor: 0 to 50 ppt (0 to 50,000 ppm)
  • Accuracy using factory calibration: ±3% of full-scale reading
  • Accuracy using custom calibration: ±1% of full-scale reading
  • Response time: 90% of full-scale reading in 10 s.
  • Temperature compensation: automatic from 5 to 35°C
  • Temperature range (can be placed in): 0 to 80°C
  • Cell constant: 10 cm-1
  • Description: dip type, epoxy body, parallel platinum electrodes
  • Dimensions: 12 mm OD and 150 mm length
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NameOrder CodePriceQuantity
Salinity SensorSAL-BTA$119
Optional Accessories
Salinity StandardSAL-ST$18


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